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Hate that this recap took me forever to do....mostly because HB has possibly jumped the shark- if it hadn't before, that is. ;p

Ok, what the fuck. Where did Sam/Emily come from?! I get that he was upset with Juliet about her keeping her abortion from him, but his attraction to Emily just came out of nowhere. There were no hints of either one being attracted to the other at any time during the season. And.....I really don't buy it. I would prefer that Sam picked Juliet over Emily, though I secretly would prefer that both rejected him and he just left the show.

I am all in favour of James being a closet fanfiction writer, even if it is thinly-veiled RPS. It's even slightly meta, since HB is based on a book too!

I have read that they're auctioning off bits and pieces of the set, and while they're stressing that this doesn't mean the show's cancelled, I kind like to think that this is maybe the death knell. The second half of series three and all of series four saw a major lack of quality in scripts. The plotlines are just getting too ridiculous, even for a show where fluff is the mainstay. Most of the episodes too seemed to have the prevailing theme of 'X screws up and everyone has to scramble to cover the hotel's arse', usually by some completely ridiculous means (like Ben and Emily pretending to be European royalty). And like I've said before, the show's lost some of the strongest players like Max Beesley and Emma Pierson who could rise above all that silliness. This isn't to say that the remaining cast aren't trying, but I never liked Sam and we the audience are supposed to like him. Juliet has been a more promising character though; she reminds me a lot of Rebecca. And despite only appearing in two episodes, Mel's been a welcome addition too, though I think the show would have benefitted more by introducing her a few episodes earlier, rather than in the penultimate one.

But yeah. If this is how the show's going to continue (wasting the remaining talent on bad scripts, that is), then I won't be sorry to see it go. I don't think I've had a favourite show that went badly pear-shaped like this for a while....sad that it had to be this one. :/

So among the non-Sam/Juliet plots tonight are Ben's discovery of a manuscript of a Mills and Boon-style romp with hotel employees and who wrote it.

And Tony's holding a meeting in the hotel with a bunch of other concierges to elect a new chairman of their elite concierge club. Or something like it. I just think Dexter Fletcher looks sharp as hell in that suit.

And as Mel's receptionist abilities are about to be tested, Ben, James and Tanya band together to play Henry Higgins to her Eliza.

After one interruption to his concierge meeting, Tony's cornered by another guest (who looks a bit like Steve Coogan if you ask me) who makes him lock him into his room. No, nothing fishy or ethically questionable about this...

...but Tony's conscience is loud enough that he leaves the meeting again to check on the guest, who's apparently in the hotel to withdraw from heroin. Tony's too bothered by the whole situation to leave the guy alone, so he decides to stay with him.

James, Ben and Tanya coach Mel in the ways of five-star hotel receptionist know-how. And do something about her makeup and hair. Typical My Fair Lady stuff.

And this is the result. Very sleek.

So notoriously cranky guest Mr Balls puts Mel through the ringer and while she gets through it, it's enough to put her off the job.

And while Mel's getting made over and Tony's looking after his cold turkey guest, Gino's trying to get to the bottom of the identity of the romance novelist. At the moment he suspects Juliet, but Sam is pretty sure that it isn't her.

Tony's new friend is now in the full agony of withdrawal, so Tony stupidly agrees to get him a little bit of heroin.

Having taken everyone but Emily out of contention, Gino crows to James about his discovery. But when he starts to critique the writing, James ends up outing himself as the author. This was the best part of the episode: James being discovered to have written thinly-veiled RPF about Gino. I simply cannot buy James being a bad speller however, not as someone who knows all about etiquette and pronunciation.

Sam's all angsty and reflective in the bar. Exciting stuff. The interesting part in this scene is Emily pensively singing at the piano for not apparent reason (well she was assaulted earlier on by a guest, but I don't think that's why she's singing). Alexandra Moen's voice = quite good.

Tony procures the heroin for his guest....and then gets busted by an army of SWAT police....

.....but they're actually his concierge mates playing a prank on him. The 'guest' is a new concierge who can act out withdrawal rather convincingly. I don't know how I feel about this plotline....I know Tony does morally questionable stuff, but I'm not actually sure whether he'd actually get hard drugs for a guest. IDK.

I don't know where the hell this Sam/Emily came from. Emily randomly says at the beginning of the episode that she fancies Sam and then bam! At least she's sensible enough not to take things further than an almost-kiss.

Mel's all about to leave this silly hotel business but then Ben shows her how nice it all is and she agrees to stay on? I just like that Tanya's acting out how she used to make drugs.

Also, James is getting his RPF fanfic published.


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