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Wherein I suck at updating

My life is lacking in update-worthy events, what can I say? I think I'm having another Winter of Discontent, though this time it's more down to the fact that I miss studying and reading for my PhD is not yielding much. I have not talked to Rick in some time either, which I hope to rectify soon. It would be good to touch base with him. The busy period at work is nearly over, so I hope to get my day off back soon.

But enough of that. Time for fandomy stuff.

I....honestly didn't find this episode interesting, which is probably why it's taken me so long to review it. The highlights of this episode were the guest stars- I loved James Fleet's character, so his story was my favourite. Rather liked Gino's plotline too, but only because the unhappy ending gave it a more realistic touch.

Feel kind of bad, because I wouldn't be that disappointed if this was the last series. Dexter Fletcher and Ray Coulthard keep me watching, but comparing it with the previous three series, this one is underwhelming and suffering for the loss of Max Beesley/Emma Pierson/Natalie Mendoza. I'll be interested to see whether the new receptionist does the ensemble any good- I hope she does!

*insert usual 'Sam is a tool' comment here* Having seen episode six as well, he's an idiot in that too. But more on that in the next recap...

Oh, James Fleet. How adorably cuddly you were as Hugo Horton. His character used to present a news show for children, one that Ben (and as it turns out, Sam and Juliet too) grew up with. I can't get over how old James Fleet looks here- I'm hoping it's just makeup and that haircut, to be honest.

The other plotline has sci-fi geeks gathering for a con in the hotel for Captain Stranger, a Blake's 7 type of show from the 70s. Gino's flirting with the hot blonde and somehow manages to charm her.

Haha, James is jealous of Gino's date with the hot blonde. Their bromance is still one of the best parts of the show.

I am totally making this into an icon. Tanya's all :O at Gino scoring with a hot woman.

Juliet joins in on the fangirling with Ben over their down-and-out childhood hero.

The morning after, everybody gossips about Gino's Love Interest. Who happens to be a sci-fi geek, making her some kind of social oddity. *facepalm*

Tony, the lone sympathiser to Gino's romantic woes, tells Gino he's a closet morris dancer, just to show that everyone has odd hobbies.

So Gino reluctantly takes part in a sci-fi fandom for the first time. I can completely understand the trepidation, considering just how scary most sci-fi fandoms can really be.

Ah, much better. He doesn't look so old now. Juliet and Ben are sending Martin out on a career-resurrecting job interview.

So the other part of the plot is this team-building stuff that Sam paid quite a bit of money for, and Juliet's just been very 'blah' about it and not helped with it. And Stuff Happens, and Juliet bitches Sam out about how she's had to bail him out many times (which is true- he's managed to screw up at least once per episode so far) and then resigns. And everybody's awkwardly stuck in their crossfire, just to make it that much more fun.

James makes the mistake of admitting that he's a morris dancer to Tony (who isn't, and just said it to make Gino feel better). James being a morris dancer just sort of makes him full of win (not that he wasn't before, but I like these hidden details).

Sam manages to convince Juliet to come back during a heart to heart in a nook of London that looks really lovely and makes me wish I could go there. I'm going to guess that she came back for the staff, not Sam. I wouldn't want to be part of the operation of someone who screws up as much as he does.

And then there's drinks after Juliet's return. Ben looks quite happy to see the booze.

Gino on the other hand prefers to drown his sorrows in soup and dvds. That should've been James going in to comfort him rather than Tony.

In better tv news, we're finally getting series one of Ashes to Ashes here. Seeing Gene Hunt in the teaser inexplicably turned me into a squeeing fangirl, WTF? And I hate the ABC for making us wait this long for it, and then they'll make us wait longer for series two, I'm sure. *grumble*

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