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I got my Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary today! I won a second-hand copy on eBay for 53 pounds from the UK. Keeping in mind that Oxford University Press sell it in Australia for RRP $410.00 and the cheapest second-hand one on Amazon is USD$135.00, this might just well be the greatest bargain I've ever gotten for anything, especially considering the dictionary has been barely used by the looks of it. Now feel like I could tackle any Latin text I wanted to and not get stuck on it at all! Of course, it is massively heavy too, and still expensive enough that I plan on looking after it as though it was made of porcelain. ;p

Not much else to add besides the dictionary squee (two words you rarely expect to see together). I'm going to see HBP on Saturday, which should be good, and there is new HB coming up as well. Yay!
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