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So after, the relative angst and darkness of Torchwood, time for a… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
So after, the relative angst and darkness of Torchwood, time for a bit more lighthearted. Back to the fluff of Hotel Babylon!

Again, major improvement on last episode. This had everything I love about Hotel Babylon in it and the big focus was on the staff rather than the Guests of the Week. Feel a bit concerned that Sam and Juliet haven't really developed great personalities yet- Sam still an annoying tool, Juliet marginally better however for treating the hotel as Serious Business and not screwing up like Charlie and Jack did.

I kind of hate myself for being happy when Charlie turned up. ARGH, he was full of so much fail in the last series and then he rocks up here and is actually likeable. I blame the introduction of Sam for this, because it's reminded me of what a great character Charlie was in comparison to him. I like that Anna got her happy ending with him, though I personally thought that Charlie might have gone looking for Rebecca after he left. I like that this plot was basically a showcase for how big-hearted Tony was too- organising a band and a singer and arranging for Charlie to come from New York and everything. And yeah, he blabbed on Anna's secret, but it was so her and Charlie could have a happy ending! Who can't appreciate that kind of affection and desire of happiness for a colleague? Think it might have been a little more interesting if Charlie wasn't the dad, but I don't have many complaints. It was the happiest exit that anyone's had on the show, no angst at all for once.

I will miss Anna- I'm guessing that Ben might assume the mantle of Bitchy Receptionist now that she's gone, and I'll be interested to see what they do with Melanie, her replacement who's supposed to be appearing in the next episode. Which I am absolutely pumped for, by the way: the moment I heard Dexter Fletcher's American accent, all those great memories of Press Gang came flooding back- he is totally playing Spike again! Just with a different name, that's all.

Lots of highlights for this episode.

God, the beginning of this episode had me thinking of Life on Mars so much- random professional thief is rocking that turtleneck.

Oh hai, look who's taken a break from filming Time Team in random bits of the English countryside- it's Tony Robinson! Playing a much darker character than anything I've seen him in before too.

"God, don't we all miss Jackie!" Anna exclaims. I do, but that's no reason to hate on Tanya!

Would like to point out that Tony's reaction shot probably means that he misses Jackie too. I will forever cling to my Favourite Ship That Never Was.

Second Guest of the Week is former Avengers sidekick/Pussy Galore, Honor Blackman. She spends a lot of the episode coming onto Tony and pretending she's dotty for shits and giggles (yeah, I'm not focussing on the guest plots much, largely because they're a bit secondary in this episode and honestly? A little on the dull side too).

So Darren's been playing attentive babyfather and now he's sort of in love with her a bit and wants to be a father to her baby. Aww! Feel sorry for him a bit and would love it if he became a regular, though that's not going to happen.

Aaaaand look who's back again and not at all phased by everyone frantically searching for lost emeralds or a heavily pregnant Anna: Charlie! Not bringing any fail with him this time either, I should add.

Charlie and Anna have not-so-romantic reunion in hotel room while Anna's in the early stages of labour.

.....and there's this amazing soul singer that Tony hired with a band to seranade them during their reunion. That should be pointed out too, just in case it wasn't strange enough already.

And because this is all leading somewhere, we get a flashback to all the Anna/Charlie moments from the past three series. Personal favourite was from series one, where her and Charlie ambushed that could-be murderer.

And then Charlie decides it's high time that he should Put A Ring On It, just to cram that bit more of emotion and drama into the scene.

One big happy family at last!

Anna has just spent hours sweating and heaving during the birth of her child and now she is up and about and looking like a million dollars. Unrealistic, much? But it's so typical of the show that I can't begrudge it too much.

My second-favourite ship that never was, Anna/James.

No more Anna/Ben antics at the reception desk. This is what I'll miss the most! :(

Aww, and her goodbye with Tony. Tony was just full of so much win in this episode, more than he normally is.

At last, she's getting her happy ending with Charlie and jetting off to Manhattan. This is what I am jealous of the most, really.

Ha, I love that Tony has to give Ben a hankie afterwards.

Anna generously leaves Tony one of the emeralds...

....an obvious cause for celebration!

Aaaaand I'm adding this in 'cause it's from the trailer for the next episode and Dexter in geeky glasses is just unbelievably cute and squee-worthy.

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dives From: dives Date: July 13th, 2009 03:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh, Hotel Babylon, I have been so reticent in watching you! Sigh. I really need to get back into the show, I don't think I've seen any of series 3.

also, y helo thar, dex
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