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Torchwood review - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Torchwood review

Oh wow, where to begin? This is quite fantastic sci-fi, easily RTD at his very best and in some cases, at his very worst too. Like all great sci-fi, it had a tight script and great pacing. And like some great sci-fi, it also had an ending that saw the hero save the day, but at a great cost and was appropriately grim. I liked the subtlety of leaving the 456 aliens mostly unseen, they were more frightening creatures than they might have otherwise been if we could see them through the haze; the creepy use of the children also made them just that bit more scary too. That element of mystery was great. Solid performances from the whole cast too.

Despite what Gwen said on the video recording, I still find the Doctor's absence in all this quite conspicuous- this sort of crisis is just what he deals with in practically every series of DW. I also think even when the Doctor is disgusted with humanity, he still chooses to swoop in and save the day. An interesting point was brought up in the doctorwho reaction thread that something like this would figure strongly in the Sarah Jane Adventures too, where most of the main characters are children (who would've been affected by the 456 invasion and possibly subject to the 'inoculation')- I wonder if it'll be addressed on the show at all?

I'm currently undecided on the further development of Jack in the series; in my mind they've pretty much turned him into an invincible version of the Doctor, which I don't think he was meant to be when the character was conceived. While there are limits to the Doctor's immortality in the form of regeneration, we have now established that Jack can be blown to bits and somehow put himself back together good as new. I almost wish that RTD hadn't been that explicit about how indestructible Jack was- it's a superpower of Gary Stu-like proportions (he's practically become the Whoniverse's answer to Wolverine!). I think the addition of a daughter and grandson was nice, it makes sense that Jack would not have gone all that time on Earth on his own, it could explain the wedding photo and it gives us insight into Jack's dilemma in watching everyone around him age while he remains the same (again, just like the Doctor). I think it's also an echo of the Doctor and his own family, whether it's Susan, Jenny or whoever else. Jack's decision to sacrifice his grandson to save the children in a way echoed the choice the Doctor made in choosing to destroy the Daleks, and by extension his own civilisation as well.

I am sorry that Ianto is gone. :( After a fairly mediocre first series, he began kicking arse in series two and now....well. Disappointing and maybe even a little pointless beyond providing more angst for Jack and Gwen. After RTD introduced his sister and her family into the picture I thought he'd be sticking around too- bringing his family in for me put him on the same level as Gwen and was a reminder that he had to deal with the same things that she did when it came to work and relationships. Having said all that though, I hope he stays dead, if only because bringing characters back from the dead tends to get tired after the first couple of uses.

As to the show's future....if a fourth series is commissioned, how do they do it? My initial impression of the ending was very 'ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES', but looking at it again, they have left it sort of open. Jack will come back to Earth (because we've seen Barrowman filming for the upcoming Doctor Who specials- maybe the Doctor reminds Jack about the importance of protecting Earth?), Gwen's still around, it's safe to say that Lois has been presented quite openly as a likely successor to Ianto as the resident PA and I think it's high time that PC Andy got in on the action too. So they could go from there- I think the best option for series four would be picking up on Gwen's life after she's had the baby and bringing Jack back into the picture then. I know that teh Moff isn't taking over as showrunner for Torchwood, but I would love for him to write an episode, particularly when he was so instrumental in the creation of Jack. I'd probably bring Captain John back into the show too, since he fitted into the Torchwood landscape perfectly.

If this is it though, I found Children of Earth to be a fitting and realistic conclusion to the series. It couldn't be a sunshine and rainbows kind of happy ending, the show is marketed as a darker and more adult version of DW and it wouldn't make sense. The shorter format worked really well too- there wasn't any room for bad filler episodes and a continuing plotline is just what the show needs. I imagine that there'll be a lot of gossip and announcements coming out about Doctor Who/Torchwood at Comic Con in a few weeks, so it's just a matter of waiting to see what RTD says there!

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