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The highlights of my upcoming week include listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 of All Time countdown (will try and post mp3s of the ten songs I voted for) and watching the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries on UKTV! Well, I'm not especially pumped about the latter, but since there is a severe lack of Doctor Who on tv this year, this will keep me happy until September, when Ten's due to pop up on The Sarah Jane Adventures.

And now, onto Hotel Babylon. This will be the last episode for a week or two because of Torchwood. :/ Will watch episode three after posting this and maybe post the recap for that during the week.

God, much much much better, even though I wasn't really hooked on either of the major plotlines. But there was more character development, which is what I was looking for. Still think Sam is a rather one dimensional character, but at least we know he's a prize twit now. Like Juliet for not being swayed by him and keeping control of the place to herself. And I loved the little plot with Anna and Darren- he's cute and I'm pleased he'll be in the next episode. I like that Anna told Tony who the real father was too, he's a sort of father-ish figure in the cast of characters anyway. Still absolutely convinced that Charlie's the main suspect.

Tanya is finally the head of housekeeping! Not sure about that outfit though. And neither is Anna, from the looks of it. It's rather French maid-ish, but with more boobs.

It seems nobody Got The Point in the last episode about Anna, and so there's a new sweepstake open for bets on who the father is. And they're doing a crap job of hiding it.

Rare moment of familial bonding with everyone cooing over the ultrasound pictures of Anna's baby. Aww!

Since everybody is Still Not Getting It by holding another sweepstake, Anna picks on unsuspecting waiter Darren and makes him the babyfather.

Anna explains the situation to Darren. Can't lie, I think he is awfully cute.

Tony checking up on Anna. He's pretty quick to deduce that Darren probably isn't the father either.

Gino talks about his son- not Gino Jr that he talked about in the Xmas ep, but another one that he didn't know about until the boy was 8. Considering how often everyone makes fun of Gino's attempts at flirting, I'm surprised he is actually a bit of a ladies man. Anyway, it's a little bit angsty and I'm quite sure they're setting up for Gino to have some sort of run-in with one of his kids later.

Gino acts all protective like over Anna to Darren. I kind of love how Anna's pregnancy has brought out the paternal/maternal feelings in everyone.

Part 26 of the James/Gino bromance: James catches Gino acting out his own Rocky fantasy.

Awww, Darren offering to be the helpful father figure for her child. I am loving it.

Hands down favourite moment of the episode. Tony and Anna at the end talking about the babyfather. I wrote Tony/Anna for a fellow fan once, but this is how I really see them both. Not quite father/daughter, but Tony being his usual reliable, trustworthy self and showing concern for his friend.


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