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I have lost my day off to more work- I guess I don't mind too much. More money is good, and I should be getting my tax return and my stimulus cheque this week. Most of my stimulus money will go into savings (possibly for my little holiday to Macau/Hong Kong in the new year), though I'm reservin a bit of it to buy a copy of the great Lewis & Short Latin dictionary, which will look attractive on my bookcase and be extremely useful- though I will probably buy a second-hand copy, since USD$200 plus shipping is a little more than I want to pay.

Anyway, because of work and other random crap in my life, only got around to the first HB cap this afternoon. Haven't seen episode two yet, though it's on its way.

Goddddd, I don't know. I wasn't really bowled over by this episode, or the new characters. Meh. I'll probably need time to warm up to Sam and Juliet, but I just found them really boring. And Sam could pass for Charlie's long-lost brother/cousin/random relative. I found all the Bollywood-ness in this episode a bit more OTT than usual too.

But it wasn't all meh. I'm kind of relieved that they gave an explanation for Jack not being there, even if it was pretty vague- he fell on his sword? I suppose he was a pretty rubbish manager (nearly bungled the film shoot, and then completely failed at handling the hostage situation), but I mourn the potential that Lee Williams could have brought with some better writing.

Mostly though, I am all about Anna's pregnancy, particularly when series three ended with her break-up with Ned because he wanted her to pop out babies. Don't think Ned's the dad though, it's probably a bit too obvious- I heard that Max Beesley is coming back for one episode, and I'm honestly wondering whether maybe it's Charlie that's the father. Anyway, we'll find out soon enough.

And now for the highlights of the episode! I'm not bothering with a full-on recap of the episode, because I wasn't really drawn in by it. Also, capping takes for freaking ever and I've barely got any time to do this, so....

Aw, James in pyjamas. Nice.

Now that Jackie is no longer there to flirt with Tony, Tanya is taking over the job. I approve.

Yeah, there's new people in the credits. Don't particularly care about the newcomers, but check it out, Danira Govic's finally in. Tanya FTW! She isn't head of housekeeping in this episode, but pretty damn sure that's coming up soon.

Anna and Juliet, there to oversee the dismantling of the hotel, but will be hotel manager by the end of the episode. Anna's hairdo for this episode is seriously hideous, sorry to say.

Some men can look rather pretty with eyeliner. Unfortunately, Dexter Fletcher is not one of those men. I am feeling almost a little embarrassed on his behalf. Because he's dealing with Bollywood actors and arranged marriages, the Voice of Tony's Conscience is manifesting in sequins, satin and an embarrasingly tacky turban for this episode.

Anna has been filmed from the waist up until now, when we find out she's heavily pregnant. Except I knew this before the ep since I'm a whore for spoilers. Anyway, she's not discussing the pregnancy or even acknowledging it to Ben.

To complete the rollcall of the new cast members, this is Sam. Juliet's ex-husband and who doesn't really seem to have much personality at this point, besides the fact that he's worth a lot of money and obviously still has the hots for his ex.

mmm, Casemore charm. Tanya and Emily see it!

Famous Bollywood actor there to meet his future bride. Played by Kash from Shameless!

Tanya/Tony. The first episode has not even finished yet and she's already getting her mack on with him. Jackie totally gave her blessing for this. Why do I want to ship them?

The hotel loses power briefly and because of all the terrorist activity, everybody takes cover. Ahaha, I love James and Gino and their budding bromance (because that's what it is- hetero lifemates all the way!).

In other non-romantic ships, Emily impulsively tries to turn Ben straight and can't even get to first base.

Anna discovers the betting pool set up for bets on the identity of her babyfather. You will see that the name of the top of the whiteboard there is Ned.....and Gino listed at 70-1 odds, rofl!

Anna goes off at Ben about aforementioned betting pool. It's not that Anna's in denial about pregnant, just that she didn't want to talk about it, and it seems the father of her baby is an upsetting topic too. Actually can't believe Ben would be that insensitive to start up/participate in a betting pool when he's closest to Anna...a bit OOC, really.

Tanya and Emily fill the slash quota for the episode.

James and Juliet take a moment. Just liked the shot, really.

Big Bollywood number at the end! Feel sorry for everyone involved because the amount of corn in this scene is unbelievable. Alexandra Moen looks very pretty in her sari though, hence the cap.


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