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With a lack of any academic stuff going on in my life (besides my attempts to seek out information for my PhD topic- slim pickings for the most part), my Latin tutoring at the seminary has given me a bit of purpose, and has compelled me to go back to the language and extend it beyond what I've learned from the classical part. I just ordered and bought Keith Sidwell's Reading Medieval Latin, which has a chapter on the Latin of the Church Fathers.

Ideally, I'd have a really awesome dictionary to accompany new Latin text, preferably Lewis & Short (my rudimentary Latin dictionaries do not cover Latin vocab beyond maybe the third century C.E., something that annoys the hell out of me- time for a bigger, better, stronger lexicon!), though that might have to wait, given the price. However, I'm expecting my tax return later this week, so this might be a good cause to put it to.

And now, on a less academic and more fangirly note, have a YouTube clip: the trailer for Rachel Weisz's upcoming epic Agora!

The amount of awesome in that trailer, I cannot begin to describe it. That someone is even making a movie about the volatile political/religious climate of Alexandria in the late fourth century C.E. is amazing enough, that the protagonist is a female philosopher and mathematician (Hypatia of Alexandria) completely blows my mind. Rachel Weisz blew off The Mummy 3 to do this- I freaking would see this alone for that, let alone the gorgeous visuals. Only downside is that there is no Australian release date- PLZ RELEASE IT HERE, I haven't seen a good film/series about the Greco-Roman era since series two of Rome. Besides this...we've got, what, Clash of the Titans (does have Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes in it, but could still be an epic car wreck)? Bring the quality already!

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