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There will be Sims?

I've been thinking about buying The Sims 3 this week- anyone got it yet? I have had this spiffing laptop for nearly a year and all it has been witness to is assignment writing. Time to put some games on it!

The big game of the year for me however is THE NEW MONKEY ISLAND GAME OMG, and whether I should buy it for my Wii or for the laptop. Think I'm going to kick it old skool and put it on the PC. The graphics look nice, though I like Guybrush better without the beard, I cannot lie. I might consider getting the new remade edition of Secret of Monkey Island too.

And that's all I have to update. Oh, and tonight's Colbert Report? :O *mourns Stephen's hair* Seriously though? I think the crew cut is kinda hot.
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