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Saw Martin Short last night- he was all kinds of amazing. Haters can hate, I think he's a god among comedians. And I can't believe that Brisbane got included in his little tour up the East Coast. But then I always feel some vague sense of awe when actors/comedians show up here to promote their work, mostly because I'm surprised they know that Brisbane exists at all. Anyway, it was fantastic and hilarious and all the things you'd expect from him- seeing some of his work from SCTV and SNL was worth it too- I wish they'd release this stuff on dvd here!

Went and saw Angels & Demons on Monday with Libby, and it's safe to say that the only reason either of us was going was this:

I dub thee Father Sexy. Woof woof!

Waaaay better than the book. Ron Howard at the very least seems to recognise that Dan Brown is a shitty airport novelist and cuts out all the stupid/unbelieveable stuff, like the Camerlengo being the Pope's biological son and Robert Langdon using his tweed jacket to parachute from a helicopter into the Tiber. The romance plotline got cut out too, thank God- Tom Hanks makes a good romantic lead, but this was also one of the most unbelieveable parts of the book.

Stupid film is making me miss Rome too. Churches! Priests in soutanes! Swiss Guards! The cobblestone streets! Carabinieri! :( Here's to hoping I make it back there soon...

I'm not going to bother with The Lost Symbol when it comes out. You can keep your Dan Brown novels, the most anticipated book of the year for me is Robert Harris' second novel in his Cicero trilogy, Lustrum- I just pre-ordered it!!

In further good news, there's now a small press pack for Hotel Babylon series four. Huzzah! Disappointing that Emma Pierson's leaving the show though- I'll miss Anna. And wtf, they wrote Jack out? They're not even bumping him back to deputy manager? Wasted potentially awesome characters make me sad, as does no more Lee Williams. But I'm happy that they've made Tanya head of housekeeping (finally!). I'm still quite excited for series four too- it's like the dessert in my tv diet.
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