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I have finally got around to resizing photos from the trip, now that… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
I have finally got around to resizing photos from the trip, now that I have a working version of Photoshop CS4 installed. They'll be up by the weekend with a few proper recap posts, with any luck. It's a long weekend coming up too, so I have no excuses!

In the meantime, have some beleated thoughts on Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead.

Eh, I don't know. I'd put this on an equal footing with The Next Doctor, but it's not quite there. It lacked a fucking huge steampunk Cyberman and David Morrissey for starters.

Lady Christina = Lara Croft. Did anyone else pick up on this too? Free-spirited aristocratic girl who likes doing dangerous stunts for kicks and encounters supernatural stuff along the way? I thought she was a bit more Sue-ish than previous companions, and that her flirting with Ten was a bit forced. On the other hand, if she didn't resemble Lara Croft so closely, she'd be the sort of character that'd do well in a spinoff like Torchwood. I can imagine her and Jack getting along famously. I have heard suggestions of Christina being a fobwatched Time Lady (perhaps Romana or Iris Wildthyme), but that's too obvious and it's overdone. If they're going to bring back more Time Lords (like this rumour about Gillian Anderson appearing as the Rani), they need to find a more creative way to do it. The fobwatch device has already been used twice, it'll get tired if it's done a third time.

The plot was not as tight as it could've been- the storyline didn't put me on the edge of my seat or anything. It reminded me a little of Midnight too, the scenario of the Doctor and a random group of people stranded in a strange place with no inkling of what's happening. Except that Midnight was genuinely frightening and the scariest thing that happens in PotD is probably the bus driver coming out of the wormhole as a charred skeleton. The aliens were pretty forgettable, the metal stingrays and those anthropomorphic fly creatures. I like the sort of aliens that the Doctor has to engage with, the ones that really get a strong reaction out of him. These just felt like the Monsters of the Week.

UNIT kicked butt, but plz to not be seeing the nerdy scientist again. Let's see Brigadier Magambo again! And wow, an occasion when shooting guns at the aliens actually worked for once!

Checking out the teaser trailer at the end, The Waters of Mars is definitely looking like a better story. I'm ready to see the tone of the show darken and the tension develop in the lead-up to the regeneration, Ten's 'WHY YES, I AM THAT AWESOME' moments were getting to be too much in PotD. Also Lindsey Duncan is going to kick total butt as the companion, and there's the added bonus of Peter O'Brien.

As to the final specials after that....argh, I feel kind of annoyed with RTD for bringing back Donna. It briefly occurred to me just after Journey's End that perhaps Donna was just too important to let go completely, but I'm a little afraid to see how RTD manages to pull this off, bringing her back. On the other hand, I'd love it if Ten regenerated in such a way so that Donna could have her memories of travelling with him again.

Also, I'm going to assume that the photos of John Simm on the set mean that he's just playing the Master as a hallucination in Ten's mind- I know we all loved Simm!Master, but the guy has to regenerate, those are the rules! As for why Simm has bleached blonde hair.....well, I got nothing there. Maybe it's some disguise or something? I can't wait to see what they do there!

November is a rather long time to wait for the next special, but the UKTV channel on Foxtel is fast-tracking the Torchwood miniseries in June, which is good news for all of us Captain Jack fangirls and also for my internet bandwith. So huzzah for that!

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