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17 days and counting...

Still no home internet/phone. I was advised that I should ring up Telstra and tell them I'm pregnant and have no other phone and that will make them come quickly. I'm kind of a bit over it now though, since I still have access here at work and doing without it over the weekend isn't that much of a strain. Still annoying though

I went to the Coldplay concert on Sunday night. The supporting acts were rubbish, but Coldplay was fantastic- they even got into the audience and sang a couple of numbers on a makeshift stage up in the stands! Chris Martin is pretentious as all hell, but still entertaining. I'd definitely go and see them again, but not at the entertainment center- it's too far out and it took us nearly half an hour to get out of the carpark after the concert. I'd like them to do some shows on the River Stage in the city, but that might be wishful thinking.

Japan plans are pretty much done- at this stage I've just started to pack and today I reserved a seat on the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Narita airport on the 7th for when I'm heading home. I've kept my plans fairly loose- I just have a wish list of things to do in Tokyo/Kyoto and hopefully I'll get through most of what I want to do!

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