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Ok, figured out why I couldn't get a schedule on the Jetstar schedule for Japan: they don't fly from Brisbane, they fly from the Gold Coast. The airfare for return flights to Tokyo is fantastic, around $600.00. Exactly what I was hoping for! Maybe it doesn't have the perks of JAL, but it's not a long-haul flight (8-9 hours) and I can spend just a bit extra on accomodation in Tokyo and Kyoto. Huzzah!

We've got a long weekend here for Australia Day. I couldn't get myself whipped up into a patriotic fervour if I tried, so as usual I'll be listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown and probably reading a book. I'll be cooking a nice lamb and halloumi dish for dinner that night, feeling stupid all the while because I think I've been influenced by those stupid Sam Kekovich ads where he sings the praises of the meat in the form of ranting. ;p

And now if you'll excuse me, SBS are screening the 'We Are One' concert. I don't care that we're getting it a few days late, I'm just glad we're getting it at all!

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