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The Maid of Honour experience... so far shaping up to be a lot of touring of bridal wear shops. I'm being dragged to a bridal gown sale tomorrow, and possibly again on Friday morning. Janni is thankfully asking my advice about colours for the bridesmaids, with her current idea leaning towards claret, a colour I not only like, but can wear! So that is a positive, at least.

I've got a tentative window of time for my Japan trip, which is between late March and Easter. I'm looking at about two to three weeks at the moment, though the plans have stalled because I'm stuck on the issue of flights. Jetstar don't have a flight schedule for Osaka up on their website yet, and my only other direct flight option is JAL, whose return airfare price is twice Jetstar's (the last time I checked), but if I chose JAL, I'd at least be able to fly direct to Tokyo, which would save me navigating a train trip from Osaka to Tokyo. Argh. I have also read dragonflysakura's entries about her trip (thanks for putting them up!!), which have been useful. I also should have probably e-mailed my friend Mina to let her know I was coming, and should probably get onto that soon. -_-; She has family in Kobe, and I'm hoping to include that city in my itinerary.

And not much to say re: Golden Globes. But I'm really pleased that John Adams won in all the categories it was nominated for. I'm holding out hope that it'll be released on dvd here, but I'm not sure if the Australian market is interested in a US historical drama on the second POTUS. Real pity too. *sigh*

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