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Hands up who loves Ewan McGregor!

*puts both up* There's probably a million of you out there, so I'm kindly sharing these with you.

Ewan: All these 5 actresses are so amazing. I don't know which one to choose.
Natalie: EWAN!
Ewan: Yes?
Nat: YOU don't pick the winners! The audience does.
Ewan: That's good. I don't wanna piss of four actresses.

Ewan: There was a little bit of cheese, but acceptable cheese

Nicole: I'm really bummed we didn't win best kiss! We needed more practice. We should've kissed more, Ewan!

Ewan: (whilst posing with Natalie Portman and our very own Nic) I wanna be in the middle!

Ain't he cute? I want my own Ewan. To look at only, of course, as Andrew is still my best boy. :-)

I love being able to study at home. Nothing quite like being buried under a pile of notes on Flavian Emperors and various texts and having the soundtrack to Monty Python and the Holy Grail on in the background. Sir Galahad (and Michael Palin) are just too cute for words.

Sir Lancelot: A blessing! A blessing from the Lord!
Sir Galahad: God be praised!

Ok, the line isn't that funny, but it's the cutest moment in the movie. I love the way he smiles in that scene.

Take the 'What kind of Wing are you?' quiz!

'What kind of Wing
are you?' by. Xera

Geez, I didn't think my answers were that angsty.

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