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Christmas loot this year included a gorgeous mirror compact and Chinese teapot from Amy, a Mexican opal bracelet from mum and dad (fun fact: they travelled to Mexico and Cuba this year!), as well as Robert Dessaix's novel Arabesques, Wii Music and a truly delicious bottle of eiswein; chocolates and assorted other foodstuffs from various friends. Though all this doesn't quite beat my honours diploma arriving in the mail on Tuesday, and remembering that I can haz PhD, so yeyz! My results really were the earliest and best Christmas present of all.

As said in my last entry, Christmas was spent at church, and at home. Played around on the Wii, watched some of the midnight mass live from the Vatican and then A Colbert Christmas. Which was AWESOME, btw. I loved all the performances, though John Legend and Feist were my favourites. And Jon Stewart, obviously. I've managed to get mum into watching TDS and TCR with me, and she thought Jon looked like a total diva in the blue and white getup, lulz.

I voted in Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown today. Was going upload the ten songs I voted for into this post, but I'm on the laptop and don't have my extensive mp3 collection here. But among the favourites I voted for were Ween ('Your Party'- I'm a bit surprised it was listed for 2008, since I remember first listening to it in late 2007), C.W. Stoneking ('The Love Me or Die') and My Morning Jacket ('Librarian', easily my favourite song of the year).

Currently waiting on The Next Doctor to finish up, so that Libby and I can watch it sometime in the next week. I've heard rumours that the ABC are planning to 'fast-track' the special to screen in early February, but I can't be bothered waiting. I expect that the Australian scheduling for Doctor Who is going to be rather odd this year, considering that there's only five specials screening. And while Channel Ten did eventually screen series two of Torchwood on their HD channel, I'll probably end up watching the series three/miniseries streamed online.

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