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A few weeks ago, my pregnant sister-in-law Amanda ended up in… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
A few weeks ago, my pregnant sister-in-law Amanda ended up in hospital. Her waters had broke, and since the baby was at 28 weeks gestation, she was hospitalised and thankfully the doctors managed to hold off the baby arriving just for the time being.

Until now, that is. Sam was born yesterday (my father's birthday, incidentally) and he's well, or as well as a preemie can be. He's going to be isolated for a few weeks in a humidicrib and he has some struggles ahead of him, but he's here. Mostly, I feel happy for Amanda- she and my brother decided to have another baby (this is their third) after Maryke died, and as far as Christmas presents go, this is a rather nice (albeit early) one.

Updated niece/nephew tally: 9. Argh, so many!

Current Mood: relieved relieved

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fannyfae From: fannyfae Date: December 16th, 2008 04:23 am (UTC) (Link)

OOC: Yay! Babies!!! ;))

Congratulations to you, Auntie! I shall keep you and your family, particularly your sister and of course little Sam most of all, in my thoughts and prayers. :)

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