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My graduation was yesterday. I decided not to go this year though, partly because no one in my circle of friends was graduating and my parents wouldn't be able to attend anyway, and partly because I didn't want to spend the money on renting the gown and mortarboard again. Perhaps if I end up getting the PhD that I'm mulling over at the moment I will, but I honestly did not feel like the pomp and circumstance this year.

I'm very pleased to be joining the Greek reading group next week- we're going to be reading passages of the Septuagint, and the Iliad. I also got my alumnae library card in the mail today, so until I make up my mind about when I should apply to enter into the PhD programme, I can go to the library and accomplish some background reading. I was hoping to go and see Rick this week to discuss where I need to improve in my writing (and to deliver his Christmas/thank you present), but work seems to have pushed that to next week.

If you couldn't tell by my icon, Sinterklaas is coming up, that feast day in honour of Nicholas of Myra, possibly the only Nicene Father to be thrown in prison for battery (and the historical basis for Santa Claus). I'm currently still making up my mind over what Dutch cuisine I'm going to fail at cooking in an attempt to celebrate my heritage. In the meantime though, my parents and I went and saw Maastricht's favourite son Andre Rieu perform at Suncorp Stadium last night. The concert was delayed by an hour because of those epic storms we're still having here in Brisbane, but it was still quite a fantastic night. Embarrassingly over the top? Yes, but the excesses are kind of balanced out by Rieu's talent and that of his orchestra. He's coming to Brisbane again next year, though I'm not sure I'd see him live again.

Anyway, back to the recipe hunting, and to get my daily Stewart/Colbert fix.

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