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Still kind of sick. Got better over the weekend, but then the painters began doing the kitchen. The scratchy throat has returned with a vengeance, though I'm hoping Strepsils and Butter Menthols will be sufficient for my recovery this time around.

So, Brisbane has had some pretty epic storms pass over this week. Like 'once-every-twenty-years' epic. Our house lost power for roughly a day on Monday (but hey, the bar fridge defrosted itself, which was a bonus!), but otherwise we escaped the carnage that hit the Gap. I walked down the road this morning to the busstop, and discovered that last night's storm was so bad that the wooden bridge railings over the creek near our place had disappeared down the creek, which is now looking more like a river and actually has ducks in it(! Seriously, you know the rain's good if there are ducks hanging around our area). There were also some rather large streams of mud criss-crossing the road, since we live in the bush.

Anyway, since there's nothing happening IRL, here's some thoughts on series two of Dirt, which wrapped up this week on cable here.

Sigh. Series two just didn't deliver, and I'm kind of relieved it got cancelled. I think a big part of the problem with series two was that it was cut short by the WGA strike- a lot of shows seem to have been screwed by that disruption. However, the show's change in direction was the big problem. The fun of series one is that it was a serial- there were other little plots going on, but the big one was always the Holt/Julia story, it continued in one long thread through the series and everything else kind of tied into it.

Having that big plot worked, but in series two they took that idea away and went back to the formulaic episodic thing, with more of the plots being ripped straight from the headlines. And that's where the major fail happened, because the show needs that soap opera-ish big running plotline to define the season.

The problem with taking the new direction on it is that it left some stuff from last season unresolved too. What happened to Leo after he ran Julia over? He disappears for most of the series and then when he randomly turns up in the final ep for the mother's funeral we're not supposed to wonder where he was this whole time? What happened to Don's British artist girlfriend who did the naughty stuff with the cake? I really felt for Ian, because Don's storyline being the pop singer's BFF/possible boyfriend was kind of painful to watch sometimes, if just for the fact that it was so blatantly based on Britney Spears and that sleazy paparazzo she hooked up with.

But yeah. If this was what the rest of the season was going to be like, no wonder the ratings dropped off. It's a bit disappointing, just because there was some great talent on the cast and they really didn't have great scripts to work with. Oh, well. Already waiting to see what Ian will do next, which will probably be much better than this, regardless of what it is.


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