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I think I'm still in post-thesis recovery. Since last week, I've mostly been working at the bookshop. It's almost relaxing to be doing retail assistant-ish work after all those days hunched over the laptop/library computers with a pile of books. I'm feeling quite tired as well, and more time to relax is just the best thing ever. I'm thinking about buying a Wii or maybe waiting for the next version of The Sims when it comes out next year. Ah, free time! How I have missed thee!

Still pondering my next move, mostly travel-wise. I've finally got the time and energy to think about that trip to Japan that I promised myself I would do. The only issue is when I should go on this trip. I could either go at the beginning of next year and finally see snow, or I could wait a few months and go for flower-viewing season. I should get in touch with Mina and ask her advice on it, and then there's the whole issue of an itinerary and finally revisiting my very rusty Japanese.

And that's pretty much it.

...Actually no, let me add this: hate the look of the new profile page.

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