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Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a Spider can....

Chances are I'll have that stuck in my head for the next week or so, perhaps even longer if I decide to see it again.

The film was brilliant. Better than all the Batman films all put together and any other superhero films. I can't find anything wrong with it. Even if my viewing was kinda ruined by the guys behind me howling like dogs when wet!Mary-Jane made an appearance.

To re-phrase something a friend of mine said a few weeks ago, Tobey Maguire is a nice-looking boy. Really, really cute and geeky. You've gotta love a guy who can be a hero and still be able to shed tears. So sweet and sensitive, and to put it eloquently, he had one fine ass on him too. The boy sure worked out for the part.

Still, Tobey's nothing on Willem. Willem Dafoe rocks my socks, he does. Everyone's been saying he over-acted and stuff, but I thought he was way-cool. He really looked like he was enjoying himself in the villain role. And like Tobey, he looked absolutely fine. I love a guy in a suit. And in a labcoat. And in a black shirt. And in a dressing get the idea. Unless in some twist of fate the Goblin comes back from the dead in the next film (and it wouldn't be impossible), I'll miss him as Norman/Goblin. One of the coolest (and most gorgeous) villains I've seen since Caligula in I, Claudius and Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter.

James Franco.....okay, he wasn't a major player in the film, but I still love the boy. The resemblance to Willem is incredible! The face structure is so similar, they could really be Father and Son. I hope we get to see him in the next film, as I think his character shows alot of promise and so does he, for that matter.

Yesiree, I love those Osborn boys. They also happen to live in a kick-arse mansion (all those masks!) and later Harry lives in a cool apartment. Times like this that living in New York looks very attractive, particularly if I were to be sharing with either of them.

Ok, phwoar moment over. Continuing on.....

I don't think Kirsten Dunst had alot to work with as Mary-Jane, but she managed to do it really well. She was way-cool in the role. I esp. digged the red hair. Another one I'm looking forward to seeing in the next film.

So, that's my two cents on the film. Comedy, drama, romance, action, and worth a watch. Bring on the sequel, I say!


Sam Neill is the next villain? Hmm, he's not Willem, but I certainly wouldn't be complaining if he took the role. It's a rumour at the moment though, so we'll see what happens.

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