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Been holding off this for days... - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Been holding off this for days...
Took me long enough, but I finally got all the REG pics in the My Fair Lady programme scanned, and all the REG fangirls on the flist can find them here. Looking at them again, I'm kind of wishing I could just fly down to Sydney and see it again on impulse, but that is not happening. :/

The Antiquities Museum party was on Friday night. Despite running on a tight schedule, I did manage to make it there in reasonable time, and a good time was had by all (though my dancing leaves much to be desired- Al Gore puts me to shame). I am now somewhat back in the loop with the goings-on in the classics department, and the promise of an ancient Greek reading group over the summer semester means that I'll finally be able to catch up with everyone. After the party we went en masse to the Pancake Manor, where we all ended up having dinner at 10pm. I was so tired the next morning, but I'm so glad I went.

I'm obviously in the home stretch on the thesis front. Now I'm systematically going through Rick's feedback bit by bit until I manage to correct everything that needs correcting. Also, there is now a proper conclusion, and it looks like I might be over by about three thousand words. But that's with quotes, so I might be reasonably on target with the word count. On the agenda this week- bibliography, a title page, contents page and fixing up the footnotes so they look like proper Oxford ones.

Enjoying some tv as well, since I can relax a little now. The second series of Brotherhood and Dirt are on at the moment. Brotherhood is still fantastic, but Dirt definitely has gone right down in quality. I feel bad for teh Ian, because he has less to work with, but at least the series got cancelled so he can do better tv/film now. I've also been watching John Adams, which has some fab British actors like Stephen Dillane, Rufus Sewell and Tom Wilkinson playing the Founding Fathers. And Tom Hollander is going to be playing King George III in one episode- cue me LOLing because I can see him playing the king just like Lord Beckett, even though it's probably nothing like that.

And now, back to the books. Should probably try and take some back to the library this week- some of them I've had out pretty much continuously since January. -_-;

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