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Finally decided to do the weekly fandom update... - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Finally decided to do the weekly fandom update...

Y'know, Hellenized Egypt gets a pretty bad rap in this show. It's like everyone who goes there ends up getting corrupted in one way or another, and it's a testament to Vorenus' character that he didn't end up like Antony and kept his excesses under control. The image of Antony wearing the linen kilt and the eyeliner of a pharaoh was very symbolic, like he became something else entirely when he went there. And when Cleopatra dresses his body in full Roman armour, you see her wipe the eyeliner off, like she was wiping away the traces of what he'd become. Yeah, that's lame and not how I wanted it to come out, but that's what I was thinking.

The meeting between Octavian and Cleopatra was gloriously fake. Octavian is like the worst actor ever- I couldn't have sat in front of him and taken all his promises of mercy seriously. His polite demeanour was not convincing at all. I'm surprised that Cleopatra appeared to take him at face value until Vorenus told her the truth. And I'm surprised that Octavian thought that she would accept his terms. In that sense, Cleopatra's death scene was fun to watch, the sense of a minor victory against him in her final moments.

I loved how bittersweet Atia's ending was. She didn't want to be at that triumph, but she was quite determined to pwn Livia, even if it meant seeing the dead Antony as a trophy of Octavian's victory. That said, I'm quite sure that Antony and Cleopatra had their effigies paraded, not their actual corpses. On that note too, I'm surprised after going to the trouble with Caesar's triumph that they didn't apply the same historical accuracy to Octavian's. I thought he looked a little ridiculous in that pristine white toga on the chariot, which goes to show the dramatic effect of the red robes and painted face of Caesar in series one. I would've liked some attention given to the slave behind Octavian too, as the memento mori message is such a powerful one.

As for the resolution of Pullo and Vorenus' plotlines? Also bittersweet. I had a tough time believing that Vorenus' children forgave him- they'd spent the entire series being pretty adamant about him being responsible for Niobe's death, and I'm not entirely convinced that seeing him dying should change that. But eh. Pullo's I found bittersweet because while he lost Eirene and their unborn child, he got Caesarion in the end. They were good resolutions, really. There had to be at least one death, and there had to be redemption and a bit of hope for the future and they managed to wrap it up pretty well.

I liked the way the series ended, that most of the characters were in an uncertain place. I'm not disappointed there won't be a third series, largely because I, Claudius is really a continuation of it, and that series in itself doesn't need updating.


/initial squee

Gaaaah, this episode kicked so much ass, with the Torchwood and Sarah Jane and Martha and Harriet Jones former prime minister and Davros and and and!! The only part that sucked was maybe the last five minutes with Ten and Rose running towards each other like suddenly the show had gone from apocalyptic sci-fi to romantic drama. Urgh, even the might-be-but-really-isn't regeneration scene sucks- FFS Rose, stop crying! You were so kickass up until then, with your BFG and Buffy attitude and...*sigh*

Favourite part of the ep was probably Rose acting all butthurt over the fact that Team TARDIS were having a love-in without her. I feel disappointed in Rusty for writing her that way though- Rose knows the Doctor has companions, she met Sarah Jane. Is she really that arrogant to assume that she was going to be the last one?

The Daleks are getting pretty tired as far as surprise villains go, but it was about time they brought back Davros. Also, turning Dalek Caan into Davros' batshit prophet/oracle was genius. And the red Dalek....well, it just sat there and gave orders BUT it looked cool at least!

What else, what else....oh, man. Harriet Jones former prime minister. I cannot lie: I LOLed when she announced herself to the Daleks and they were all like 'WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE'. I shouldn't have, but I did. And I had to wiki Sarah Jane to find out what the story was with her and her adopted kid. I wish the ABC had picked up SJA- from what I've gathered, unlike Torchwood it appears to be consistently good. :/

I think this summer I might have a big marathon of Rome episodes, and then follow it with an I, Claudius re-watch. The idea of having the time to do that is what appeals to me the most. *sigh* Less than two months to go!

Finally got around to arranging flights and accomodation for Sydney next month. REG is on Rove tonight to promote My Fair Lady, so I'm starting to get a bit excited about it. But first, I must hunker down and continue onward with the thesis work.

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