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Torchwood/Doctor Who

Argh, am so tired right now. Went to the coast to spend time with my older sister Suzanne and her husband, since they're holidaying in the country right now. Think the tiredness comes from the big lunch we had. Fish and chips and then chocolate pudding for dessert. OM NOM NOM

Anyway, time for the fandom round-up.

Something Borrowed- I.....kind of liked it. I watched it last Saturday night, so my impressions aren't so fresh, but I'm just really glad that Gwen was insistent upon marrying Rhys even though she was pregnant with the freaky alien babies. The Gwen/Jack UST that was floating around last season was just sort of shoed into this episode, and it didn't work because the writers haven't really continued it, apart from the series premiere. The shapeshifting monster was kind of boring. Liked the little hint about Jack's past at the end though- if Jack is Torchwood's equivalent of the Doctor, then it makes sense that he too was once married.

From Out of the Rain- Really cool in that I liked the vintage feel, with the Ghostmaker and Pearl in their 1920s costumes. But also quite depressing- that sole little kid who got his breath back lost the rest of his family! :( It's like the direct opposite of 'Everybody lives!'. Also, even though they hint at the possibility of other 'night travellers', I think that they're much more effective as one-off villains, like the 'Blink' angels.

Adrift- Also kind of depressing. I thought Jack was such a stubborn arsehole in this episode- it made no sense for him to keep the hospital for rift victims a secret, although Ianto seemed to know about it too. Maybe the whole team knew about it but kept it from Gwen, since she tends to be the more compassionate one in the group. Anyway, it wasn't too bad. I rather liked Gwen's scenes with Andy- I'm still sort of hoping he'll get into Torchwood, even if Gwen was like 'Ha, no wai!'.

Fragments- Fantastic. I know it was supposed to be the first part of the finale, but it didn't feel that way, since the whole episode was taken up with how Jack/Tosh/Ianto/Owen ended up in Torchwood. Jack's backstory was probably my favourite- I just loved the flashbacks to Victorian!Torchwood. I am all for seeing more of Torchwood Through The Years, including Jack's bad Victorian sideburns. Also, I was getting ho!yay vibes off the two women, which makes perfect sense, really.

Exit Wounds- Well, woot for the return of Captain John. I'm quite excited at the prospect that he might be back in S3 too, presumably after shagging his way across Earth. As for the rest....agh, the ANGST. I will miss Tosh and Owen, though I didn't cry or anything. I found Jack's situation with Gray more heartbreaking, simply because Jack chose not to kill him, but to keep him in a coma in the knowledge that even though he's alive, he can never wake him up.

Overall, series two was a definite improvement on series one. The character development and the scripts were less clunky- Jack wasn't emo all the time, Ianto kicked ass, Tosh grew a personality and Gwen wasn't half as annoying and was a better audience surrogate. Owen improved drastically after being killed, I have to say- his story arc was probably my favourite, it was just handled so well. Martha was a definite asset too, and presented a nice contrast to the team. I heard rumours she may return, but now that Freema Agyeman's got the role as the prosecutor in L&O: London (which I'll be watching because Freema AND Jamie 'Archie Kennedy' Bamber? YES PLZ!) I suppose that might not happen. :/ I still have yet to listen to the audio play from Big Bang Day- that'll be next on my agenda.

As to what I'm hoping for in the shortened S3 of Torchwood (aka, Children of Earth)? Moar Captain John, maybe Jack getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend/SO (after being in one relationship for all of series two, at the very least Jack/Ianto needs to be shaken up by something like that), more Gwen/Rhys, more cowbell and hopefully since S3 is a serial it'll have good, tight scripts with awesome cliffhanger endings.

A lot of tv shows will take the route of It's a Wonderful Life/A Christmas Carol and do an episode where a character has a chance to look at the life they never had. I'm honestly a little surprised Doctor Who hasn't done something like this before, because it's a plotline that works fabulously well, given that there's time travel and parallel universes in the DW-verse.

I hate the idea of the Doctor dying, largely because maybe I think of regeneration as a given (unless you're the Master and deliberately not doing it to spite Ten), no matter what. Still, the whole point being made was that without the Doctor, there's more 'Rocks fall, everyone dies!' in the world. Also, without the Doctor, England appears to be turning into some quasi-fascist/WW2/V for Vendetta-style world where immigrants (and other undesirables, no doubt) get shuttled off to concentration camps. And Donna's evolution as a character would be much more painful and protracted. Catherine Tate's performance was fantastic, maybe the best she's given so far for this series.

I don't know what to make of Rose's return yet. I rolled my eyes when Donna asked her if she loved the Doctor and then there was this series of meaningful looks exchanged, but otherwise Rose was More like series one Rose, more about Doing Useful Stuff and less about the mooning over Ten. I can only hope that her eventual reunion with Ten won't be all declarations of love and more of the 'AREN'T WE AWESOME? :DDDD' crap from S2. Don't disappoint me, Rusty!!


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