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Doctor Who 4.9: Forest of the Dead

Moffat does epic episodes like no-one else. With appropriate tweaking, this would make an amazing series finale to New Who. I still don't get what all the bitching about Benny River Song is about, I thought she kicked so much arse and when she re-appears, whether it's with Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen or any incarnations beyond that, I'm going to be thrilled.

This was good pacing for a two-parter as well. Two-parters in New Who seem to suffer a bit, as most of the plot ends up being crammed into the second episode half the time. The pacing here was perfect. And it was so much fun not knowing what was going to happen. The first ten minutes with Donna going from confused patient to married mother of two was fantastic. The whole time I was like 'This is so weird, I love it! :DDDD'.

And he brought back 'Everybody lives!' and put a twist on it. I felt bad for Donna's not-husband though- he was kind of sweet. I noticed that Donna was wearing her wedding dress from The Runaway Bride in the scene where he carries her over the threshold too, hee.

In conclusion: SO MUCH LOVE for this two-parter. Teh Moff does it again! Not sure about next week going from the preview- it's the annual Budget Episode (also can be known as 'Doctor-Lite') and Rusty wrote it, so I'm not holding my breath...

Oh, and HAY something interesting happened to me! A huge-ass baby carpet python invaded the study this afternoon!

First the python decided to peruse my bookcase, to which he was like 'Cicero? Pfft, don't you have ANY philosophy written AFTER the fall of the Roman Empire?'

And then when he couldn't find anything to read on my bookshelf, he took up residence on the windowsill.

And after that, I decided I had had it with these motherfucking snakes in my motherfucking study to call a snake handler to get him moved to another house where he could read all the modern philosophy texts to his heart's content. Or get him shifted because we have a cat and a puppy who are small enough for him to swallow. Whichever one's more plausible, really.

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