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Testudo et Lepus

Found via cleolinda: Pretty Cameo jewellery. The cameo necklace I bought in Tivoli is probably the best (and my favourite) piece of jewellery I've ever bought. I am so tempted by the intaglio rings on that site, but I think I might wait and make that my 'I finished my thesis yay!' present to myself. In the meantime, I've got the site linked on this entry for future reference.

Speaking of seals, intaglios and the like....allow me to segue into

....because grown-up!Octavian is just as great as teenage!Octavian. I like Simon Woods a lot, maybe even enough to muster up some energy for an Octavian icon. ;p Anyway, I bring up the seal thing because I just loved how he had one of his soldiers scoop up some mud to seal that document for Pullo and then imprinted his seal on it. You see, it's the attention to details that make this show so watchable for me! Even that they mentioned Octavian's seal was a sphinx was very much appreciated by my inner classicist.

For some reason, I was totally prepared to see Cicero meet his end in his episode. You mean to tell me they're prolonging the agony?! *sob* Part of me wonders whether the Second Triumvirate is going to even be established in this series- I know Lepidus will appear soon (played by Ronan Vibert, no less!), so maybe? My favourite classical OT3 has certainly made the cut though- Octavian/Agrippa/Maecenas! Who wasn't surprised to see Maecenas lounging around writing a poem when Octavian walked into the tent? LOL, at least he wasn't portrayed as a raging Perez Hilton wannabe like in that Augustus telemovie.

Speaking of Agrippa- could this Octavia/Agrippa subplot be anymore contrived? They've met twice and I'm not really buying that Agrippa is this into her already to be making proclamations of love. It can't go anywhere either, as Octavia's supposed to be marrying and having babies with Mark Antony. The writers just don't seem to know what to do with Octavia- kill her (fictional) first husband for a bit of drama, have Pompey sleep with her, then Servilia, and then her brother. Who isn't she going to be paired off with? And yes, I definitely saw the orgy footage in the next episode trailer. At this rate, Octavia's making Julia Caesaris in 'I Claudius' pale in comparison!

Even after Atia puts her through all that torture, I still can't sympathize with Servilia. She's maybe the one character I can't stand at all. I cannot lie: I'm with Team Atia on this all the way, even if you know she's going to win in the end. Same deal on that annoying prick of a slave boy who tried to poison the stew (naturally very accurate, to torture the slave in order to legitimize the confession). The scene with Althea singing as she was dying was awfully poignant.

As for Pullo and I miss the early season one episodes, when it was all about sex talk in front of the fire and trips to Egypt to screw Cleopatra. Perhaps Vorenus won't be as emo now he's got his children back, but somehow I doubt it. We're not even halfway through series two, and they can't let the angst finish up this early.


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