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GIP/The Poison Sky

I couldn't help it- I saw Ten with the quill in the BBC Doctor Who Prom short and knew at once I had found the image for my much-wanted 'writing' icon.

Speaking of the Music of the Spheres- very nice. Appreciate the consistency of Ten as a lousy composer/musician- he obviously gets that from Two! I might give the actual prom itself a listen tomorrow night since there's nothing on tv.

And for those who like me haven't watched through series four yet- there aren't any spoilers and the whole thing's only seven minutes long, so give it a watch. :)

Overall, a very good two-parter, though with a lesser antagonist I mightn't have liked it as much- I've got a soft spot for Old Skool aliens appearing in New Who, and the Sontarans aren't an exception. The thinly-veiled message about car pollution is something I can appreciate, and it wasn't overly preachy either.

This second part was more kickass than The Sontaran Stratagem though. How freaking awesome are UNIT? Col Mace being all like the early Three-era Brig, with the 'Five rounds, rapid' and 'UR DOIN IT WRONG' to the Doctor like he doesn't know how to negotiate with a hostile enemy. But then he brings out the Valiant and gives that speech and I was just like 'This guy is kinda cool for a stuffed shirt'. And then that female UNIT captain (Price?) kissed him at the end and by then I was definitely onside. Bring him back plz? So Ten can knock some sense into him and there can be more romantic awkwardness with his captain girlfriend?

Speaking of which: HE MENTIONED THE BRIG. Who was stranded off-camera in Peru, BUT WAS NONTHLESS MENTIONED. And is a knight! I heard that the Brig is due to appear in The Sarah-Jane Adventures (along with Stahl, who obviously survived his ship going boom), which I haven't watched at all, but will totally have to now because of the Sarah/Brig reunion (I will probably cry, it'll be that amazing).

Oh, and someone needs to tell me why Ross died? Because he was freaking cute and could've been like a New Skool Benton or something. Bring him back too!

Yah, most of this is UNIT squee but there was other stuff too. I loved how after Ten got teleported back from Certain Death Martha was like *cling!* and Donna was just like *smack!*, haha. And Martha wearing Ten's coat kind of made my inner shipper squee, even if Martha's moved on for the better and so forth. Oh! And the Rutans being mentioned- THANKYOU, Helen Raynor! Oh, and LMAO @ The Empty Child reference. That was such a Ten thing to do!

As for the two seconds where Rose appeared on the TARDIS monitor- I'm glad they're keeping these cameos brief. I don't think I could handle more emo at this point.

Don't know what to make of The Doctor's Daughter from the trailer yet- it almost seems a bit gimmicky, to have Peter Davison's daughter playing the part. And if Susan doesn't get mentioned I'm going to choke a bitch. Or not, but I will be very annoyed, which is kind of the same really. ;p


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