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The big fandom review post

No updates this week, mostly out of laziness- I'm so tired I don't even feel like rambling about the annoying customers. And in bookselling, it's not just customers that suck- publishers do too!

But anyway. I don't feel like wasting my energy on that. No, this post is pretty much my catch-up on fandom post. I watched six episodes of Torchwood this week, episodes two to eight.

Sleeper was pretty forgettable despite the last twenty minutes looking like something more out of a slasher film. The plot was a little reminiscent of Cyberwoman, though nowhere near as bad. The 'sleeper agents' kind of reminded me of that big Persian in 300 that had the blades for arms. And yeah, that's all I got.

To the Last Man was much better though but again felt a bit like Out of Time. I like Tosh getting a quality storyline to herself though. And WWI!Torchwood were awesome and I would totally watch a series about them. More period sci-fi drama would be cool. But WTF @ Owen cautioning Tosh. Sometimes I'm not sure the writers know what to do with Owen- is he a snarky prick who doesn't like Tosh or a snarky prick who does fancy her?

Meat I kind of liked, largely because Ianto totally pwned Gwen in that exchange about the regenerating alien whale creature thing ("We could feed the world!" "We could release a single."). I'm trying to keep up the Ianto hate but I can't really because he suddenly got awesome and is less of an arse this season. This was a good episode though- I'm glad Gwen decided that Rhys should know about her job, though I'm guessing she won't be telling him about Owen and that time she retconned him. The whale creature was kind of omgsad too.

Adam just sort of pissed me off, which is alarming because it means I'm starting to care about the characters a bit. Or maybe Adam was just that perfect a villain? Wish they could keep geek!Owen, he was much cuter than normal!Owen with his grey cardigan and nerdiness. Jack's emo felt slightly tacked on, though obviously it's a part of the plot arc for this series so I'm prepared to wait it out to see what happens. And that said? Jack's home planet looks like Tatooine- even the clothes young Jack and his family wore looked like the stuff that Luke Skywalker and his family wore.

Reset I liked purely because Martha was bringing the awesome right from the moment she stepped into the Hub. Yeah, maybe Ten helped her get the job at UNIT, but Martha pwns so much, she could probably have gotten the job on her own merit. Also? Owen and his singularity scalpel = LOLZ! Especially when he tried to get the mayfly out of that henchman's stomach and just caused it to burst out like in Aliens. Totally not surprised to see Alan Dale again- he's turning up in pretty much everything these days. Not that I mind, because he's got the best voice for playing villains or generally powerful, successful people.

Dead Man Walking- The depiction of Death was neat- I liked the smokey skeleton image. Very medieval, even something a little biblical about it. Owen's characterisation in this episode was very well-done too- liked the entire sequence in the pub and with Jack in the jail cell. Surprised that Jack would have the patience to date Marcel Proust, but would be amused to hear what other famous conquests he's had (I'd put money on Noel Coward, for starters...).

A Day in the Death: This struck a bit of a chord with me, maybe because the story was framed by Owen's conversation on the roof with the woman who was planning to jump off. It might sound corny, but I liked the 'It gets better' message. It could've been really soppy, but it was just right, even reminded me a little of Doctor Who. The 'pulse' was a rather Doctor Who-ish sort of device, something that I could see Ten squeeing over for the ingenuity of it. As a whole, really liked how they built on Owen from the previous episode. Possibly Burn Gorman's best performance in the series- the scene between him and Richard Briers' character was fantastic. It was kind of odd to see Martha leave at the end- the whole episode was Owen-centric, and Martha's departure was out of sync with that I guess.

Also, Ianto and Owen's exchange over Tintin was hilarious. And I'm not surprised that Ianto is a Tintin fan either.

And then I just watched 'The Sontaran Stratagem'. Only fans of The Young Ones will probably get the cut. ;p

They should've brought back the Sontarans sooner. They've brought back the Daleks often enough, but the Sontarans were long overdue for a New Skool story, and as far as first parts go, I like this a lot. The revamp of the character design looked good, and the battleships looked very effective in CGI. They haven't brought up the ongoing conflict with the Rutans yet, but it'd be stupid to ignore them completely. As far as secondary antagonists go however, Luke Rattigan is an annoying shit, and I hope he either gets majorly pwned or killed off in the next part.

Pure fangirl note: I totally knew it was Christopher Ryan under the makeup. I could barely take Staal seriously because the whole time I was thinking 'OMG its Mike The Cool Person under that makeup!'. There should've been a Young Ones joke, but I can't actually think of one that would be appropriate for a PG-rated sci-fi show. -_-;

About damn time they gave UNIT a proper New Skool story too- but WHERE'S THE BRIG? You can't have a UNIT story without the Brig! Also, would've been far cooler if UNIT had brought out Bessie instead of a jeep for Ten to drive around in (even though it wouldn't fit in with the plot, sigh). Really loved the cheeky ref to the UNIT dating controversy too.

Have I mentioned my belief that Martha's awesome yet? And that Donna kinda is too? It was refreshing to see no jealousy or snark on Donna's part about Martha or vice versa. Donna = Supertemp is made of win too.

....yeah, lots of fangirling and not much reviewing. I think I'll withold my judgment until The Poison Sky airs, but there was so much win in this episode regardless.

Might talk about Rome in the next update. But you can be assured that I'm really enjoying that too, even though the latest episode is just....*sob*

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