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Rome 2.1: Passover - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Rome 2.1: Passover

This was not disappointing at all, not in any way whatsoever. Rome is not always accurate, but the script and the cast are so good that I can't complain. Freaking fantastic.

I don't know where to begin: probably with Antony, who pwned just about everyone in this episode. Except Atia, who pwned him instead. I think the best scene was the one where he killed Quintus- you didn't even see the knife! Now that is cool.

Disappointed with Cicero in this episode- he improved when acting as the 'mediator' in the discussions between Antony and the Junii, but when he first arrived to pay his respects to Servilia and Brutus, he acted like a total twat. Yes, the real Cicero was sympathetic to the liberatores, but he came off as indecisive and wimpy in that scene, still unsure of siding with them.

I don't have that much to say about Pullo and Vorenus. However, Pullo's wedded bliss with Eirene in the countryside was a good constrast to Vorenus' rage and angst in the city. Vorenus almost reminds me of Norrington from PotC sometimes- when he hits rock bottom, he really hits rock bottom. Not too much happened on this particular storyline in comparison to the fallout from Caesar's assassination, but I assume it'll be built on in the later episodes.

I liked the recurring motif of washing and cleaning too: attendants cleaning the bodies (Niobe and Caesar), Brutus washing his hands after the assassination, Pullo cleaning Vorenus' face and Vorenus confronting Erastes in the baths. I'm quite sure it was a deliberate move by the writers too, emphasizing the irrevocable changes that had come about.

Also highly effective: one of Erastes' henchmen recounting Caesar's funeral rites- they could've taken the route of interpreting Antony's famous funeral oration, but it was far more interesting to have a pleb recount it to his friends, complete with gesturing. Oh, and speaking of which: my love knows no bounds for the Town Crier. Posturing like a proper Roman orator and using his hands to make his points. There is just so much win about how they do things on this show. The funeral rites were not perfect, but looked good on tv. Someone who knows more might have to explain the story behind that slave woman(?) lowering her breast to Caesar's mouth though, as I can't find any explanation for that in my sourcebooks.

I know, I'm all about the tv reviewing at the moment. Just to blog about something not related to tv: I went to the Picasso Art Collection exhibition on Sunday with Amy. Didn't think it was as good as the Warhol exhibit, but there was plenty to enjoy anyway- the African pieces in his art collection in particular were interesting, especially the Iberian bronze figures.

Not much on the thesis front presently. Still fighting off writer's block, so I've gone done a few revisions on some chapters and read some articles. Might take a stab at getting the history of scholarship out of the way this weekend, particularly since it's getting busy at work now that the new semester's about to commence.

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