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Torchwood 2.1: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (and other stuff) - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Torchwood 2.1: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (and other stuff)
In-between work and fighting off writer's block, I've been counselling a younger friend of mine on her high school English Extension assignments. She wants to do a comparative study of Heathcliff and Edward Cullen from the Twilight novels (and no, no amount of squeeing and begging will ever convince me to read those books- I'm sticking with Harry Potter, k?) and asked my advice on other Byronic heroes. Tried to sell her on using a figure other than a sparkling vampire, but she wanted a contemporary novel in the mix. Might have convinced her to use Mr Rochester rather than Heathcliff though, as from the way she explained Edward to me, the comparison would be more apt.

And then I finally decided to get on with watching Torchwood.

Because if so, he needs to continue! There was a lot to like about this episode (not the least Captain John), but then there were still parts were I was just cringing from the bad writing. Especially the skience of injecting all the team members' blood into Captain John to stop him going 'splodey. Was there no cooler or believeable way of preventing that device from blowing him up? Because the flimsiness is beyond words. And don't give me that 'It's sci-fi, they can do anything!' nonsense. Even this was pushing it.

Anyway. James Marsters was just what Torchwood needed. That is to say, Torchwood needed a more slutty and amoral version of Jack, just so we know that the original is not in fact Peter Perfect, despite the not-dying-these-are-my-shiny-teeth thing. The end alluded to more investigation of Jack's past, so I look forward to that. Just as long as it isn't too angsty, because Jack isn't a Byronic hero and they shouldn't make him out to be.

But yeah. Jack coming back was awesome. Largely because he was all like 'So, who wants sex?' and everyone was like 'Not now, kthx'. XD I HOPE this is a sign that everyone's grown up between seasons. Or that the writers aren't going to be so occupied with the sexing so much as the kicking of alien butt. The novelty of an adult version of Doctor Who should've worn off by now. At the very least, I'm glad Gwen had the sense to get engaged to Rhys. Rhys is awesome too and to me was the only remotely sensible character in season one.

In the interest of wanting to know what Martha was doing between 'Last of the Time Lords' and 'The Sontaran Stratagem', I plan on watching the first half of the season through the next three weeks. Suspect I'll suffer from a serious overload of RTD-produced-sci-fi, but what can you do? Hopefully this episode is an indicator that things pick up this season.

Really though, I'm looking forward to watching Rome tomorrow more than anything. Will decent historical drama help me get my groove back? Probably not, but it'll be fun nonthless.

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