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Doctor Who 4.1: Partners in Crime

Y'know, I really appreciate the ABC putting Doctor Who Confidential on after the show, but at least show the whole thing and not just ten minutes of it! Oh, well. When S4 is out on dvd it will have the full 45 minute episodes.

Anyway, series four is on! And not a moment too soon.

'Partners in Crime' is on a par with 'Smith and Jones' for me as far as series premieres go. It was pretty average but had its moments. I'm kind of relieved that RTD didn't try to pull any major technobabble in this episode as he's done in the past. It wasn't so much about the skience as wee cute fat monsters and their nanny. Foster's fate was weak writing, however. She didn't get enough character development. For 99.9% of the episode she was the bad guy, and there was nothing there to make us sympathise when she was put in a position where we were supposed to feel some sympathy for her.

Rather like 'Rose' and 'Smith and Jones', this felt like it was more about introducing the post-Runaway Bride Donna than the plot. I loved how Donna was playing private investigator on her own. Highlight was her reunion with Ten though, with the mouthed conversation. That was excellent writing, largely because it was so much more effective and amusing without the noise.

Donna did indeed kick arse though, which I'm pleased about. I like to like the companions, so that Donna is less shouty but still will slap sense into Ten is good. I also like the view that Martha changed Ten in a good way, and Donna calls Ten out on that. This is a happily positive start for the series. Mind you, do ALL the companions need overbearing mothers?! After two series of Jackie Tyler and one of Francine Jones, would it hurt to have a companion who had a mother who wasn't constantly picking on her child?

I knew they were cameoing Billie Piper in this episode, and wasn't particularly fussed. Seeing Rose's emo face again irritates me to no end though. I really hope that her characterization improves, because I'd rather see her as she was in series one, rather than the clingy lovesick girl she was in series two.

Next week: Pompeii! With Phil Davis and his extremely rabbity British teeth! Completely appropriate too, considering series two of Rome starts on cable this week (and I'll be reviewing that too, obviously).

I should probably do something about catching up on Torchwood too, considering that it would make sense to see what happens there in the event of a crossover. I'll see about tracking down a streaming video site tomorrow.

On a completely non-DW note, I'm wondering if my general sense of emo and weariness earlier this week wasn't down to my health too. Largely because I found one of these little vampires on me on Thursday. In any event, I'm feeling a bit better, if still out of the loop.
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