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*passes out*

There are moments when I wish that I could just spend this entire year in a cave like a hermit, and write the thesis completely shut away from everything. Drafting the chapters has been a difficult process, but for whatever reason I just felt more tired than ever this week. I got invited out tonight by Amy but I just had to take a rain check because I really need an early night. We were going to go and see the new Picasso exhibit, but there'll be plenty of other opportunities for that.

The upside to this is that there are now drafts for all the thesis chapters. Crappy first drafts to be sure, but drafts nonetheless! Rick's away for the next week, so I'll probably just use the time to draft the introduction, which I think we all know is always the easiest part of any written assignment. As well as the hypothesis, I'll probably talk a bit about the evolution of my topic, and possibly about how instrumental holidaying in Rome was in forming an idea for what I wanted to do. Now that I'm at the halfway point, I just want to take a moment and write something that isn't quite as 'heavy'. My brain needs the rest!

I think I'm going through Tudors-withdrawal. I've developed a bit of an interest in Thomas More in recent months- almost entirely due to Jeremy Northam's understated and affecting portrayal (she says, lamenting that she's probably seen only about five minutes of A Man for All Seasons)- so after reading Utopia about two weeks ago, I found and bought Richard Marius' sizeable biography in Archives yesterday. I have no clue whatsoever when I'll have time to read it, but then I think by the time I finish the thesis, I'll have quite a long reading list. :)

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