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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Owing to the public holiday, there is no Stewart/Colbert this evening (I should explain to my American flisters that we get Thursday night's TDS/TCR on Monday here). Instead The Comedy Channel have put on a National Lampoon movie. *FACEPALM* However, they are showing TDS/TCR at five o'clock tomorrow morning. This is also rather 'DO NOT WANT', but at least I have the ever-faithful dvd recorder to take care of things on that front. I love me some fake news, but not that early in the morning on a work day.

Speaking of public holiday, have had entirely relaxing long weekend. My most pressing concern has probably been wondering what to name my new Siamese Fighting Fish. I was previously taking care of Maryke's fish Tarantino, but the creature had the cheek to die on my birthday (something Maryke would surely laugh at), so we had an empty tank for about a month until yesterday. Previous fishes have been given ancient names (like Xerxes)- I might continue the trend and pick out something obscure and hard to pronounce from the Old Testament, like Melchizadek (he can be called Mel for short!).

I'm also wondering about a good time to go and see The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr Iron Man cameo FTW!)- it'll probably end up being Saturday. This week will be taken up with chapter five drafting, with the hope of getting that draft to Rick next Monday morning, so I can have the day to read Ulysses for Bloomsday. Think I can probably read the whole thing in a day, but considering time differences, might end up finishing it on Tuesday, since it'll still technically be Bloomsday.

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Current Music: Portishead- Glory Box

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