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Internet is still slow. Found out it's because we've gone over the monthly quota, which is pretty much my bad, since I'm the one that's been.....well, engaging in piratey activities of an online kind. -_-; I've always been under the impression that our broadband was unlimited, but apparently it's not. Not to worry though, as everything shall be back to speed tomorrow with the beginning of the new month. And I shouldn't be using up as much broadband on video downloads as I was this past month.

I'm also suffering writer's block, an affliction I always catch when trying to begin writing something new; in this, case, chapter four of the thesis. I suppose I should be writing the thesis chapters in order, but I'm really interested in the apologists and think I could write about 4000 words on apologia. If only I could get over the initial helpless feeling of 'Argh, where do I begin?!'

First challenge: tear myself away from the Sudoku and open up MS Word and get some work done before the Stewart/Colbert hour commences. Off I go...
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