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More thesis stuff

Should be looking up articles on JSTOR at the moment, but for some reason our internet's currently going at the pace of a tortoise. Episode six of Strangers with Candy has been downloading since about eleven o'clock this morning and it's only at 75% now. *grumble*

Rick left for Germany today, so for the next five weeks I'm without the wisdom and counsel of my supervisor. I'm going to try and get two chapter drafts done while he's away, one on apocrypha and the other on apologia (the final chapter, a study of female martyr narratives I should start drafting the week he returns). And if I run into trouble, I'll have to seek out one of the other two early Christianity academics in HPRC. Hopefully they can help me out if I need it.

I'm currently turning over in my mind whether or not there are some thesis books that I just can't do without. There are one or two that I've more or less had out continuously for the past few months, and I'm starting to think that maybe it's worth trying to find them in bookshops rather than to continue borrowing them. Stevenson and Frend's 'A New Eusebius' is the major one here as an incredibly useful sourcebook. Sadly torn over whether I want to order it used and cheap on Amazon or new and expensive from a bookshop in Sydney, which would mean I'd get it quicker than I would if I ordered from overseas. *sigh* Really wish I could just buy the library copy since it's not the only copy of the book there, but I don't think that's possible. Bah!

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