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Relics, tv and the like

For a time, I toyed with doing the significance of relics/relic veneration in Catholicism as a topic for my honours thesis. In the end I decided it was something that'd probably make a much cooler PhD topic, but in the interest of that hypothetical PhD topic, I have read an article or two on the subject and bought a book on incorruptible saints (but let me see if I survive the honours thesis first).

Anyway, was clued onto the 'Shrine of the Holy Whapping' blog by a friend as a blog that wasn't overtaken by conservative Catholic commentators. Found their recent 'Disturbing Relics Week' posts hugely amusing and interesting, and now I share why:

Roman Catholicism: We put bejewelled skeletons in our altars!

I challenge anyone to find a creepier church decoration than that.

In other news: not much. I'm currently working my way through series one of Strangers with Candy, and shall give my verdict on it once I've watched all the episodes. Let me say this just now though: love the random dancing during the end credits! And Paul Dinello is pretty, albeit in a rather odd way.

Watched episode four of The Tudors tonight as well and liked it. I just read that it has been renewed for series three, and that Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves will be the wives for that series. So logically if there was to be a series four, that would be about Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr? Entirely plausible, given the pace of the past two series.
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