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With a lack of anything better to update about.... - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
With a lack of anything better to update about....
....I'm discussing the shows I've been watching as of late (besides Hotel Babylon, which is blogged about every week). TV's been my chief escape from thesis work, though I'm also one of these weird students who prefers to work with tv noise in the background. I hate working in silence, especially at night. It's unnerving and makes it harder for me to think.

For reasons unknown to me*, I have gotten myself hooked on Dirty Sexy Money. This continues the disturbing trend of trashy tv shows that I enjoy (started with Shameless and continued with HB). Mysteriously, I am also still watching Robin Hood, despite my gripes with the numerous historical anachronisms and irritation at Robin's emo fringe. This however may be easily explained by Richard Armitage in black leather, which I will never tire of watching.

Series two of LoM finished last week. I was expecting to be rather blah about it because I never really cared too much for Sam (watched for Sam, stayed for Gene Hunt), but the ending made me wibble a bit. I'm curious about Ashes to Ashes, but wondering if Gene will have the same raw sexual chemistry er, intriguing dynamic with Alex Drake that he did with Sam. At the moment, I'm torn between Doctor Who and A2A as a replacement show for when HB finishes this week. And then I'm also toying with Jason Isaacs' The State Within, since I'm now convinced that after two years of waiting, no one's bothered to get the Aussie screening rights. *grumble*

I've also gotten into Robot Chicken (the cable comedy channel here recently acquired this show and Harvey Birdman and I think they might be taking over the Adult Swim block from the Cartoon Network in the near future), partly because I love stop motion animation and partly because I've loved Seth Green since his days on Buffy. And because in an episode last week they took the piss out of fandom wars and sci-fi cons in a sketch that would've made fandom_wank proud.

As for when you can expect better updates than this....give it about a year. My thesis is making sure that 2008 will for the most part be a busy but extremely dull year in terms of my social life. The thesis however, is anything but boring. Having done the bulk of chapter two, I've got the tiniest bit of respect for Paul now, an apostle I previously didn't have much time for. Reading through his trial in Acts I'm struck by how clever he is, using his status as a Pharisee and a Roman citizen to his advantage. Of course the Paul of Acts might not bear the slightest resemblance to the historical Paul, but I was sort of impressed by his preaching and his defense speeches.

But I digress. I'm hoping to have the second draft of this chapter done by Friday for Rick's perusal, so I'd better get back on it.

*Ok, it's the unapologetically nasty priest with the secret illegitimate son. Funniest tv clergyman since Father Ted. And possibly Donald Sutherland too, who has definitely gotten better with age.

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severa From: severa Date: April 9th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
The fam and I just started watching the DVDs of "Harvey Birdman" and it's wonderful!

Also, thanks for reminding me of "The State Within." I've been meaning to Netflix it, especially after the ad for it on the "State of Play" DVDs.

Good luck with the thesis, and have fun with the TV watching *nom nom*
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