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Was supposed to go to uni on Monday, but one of my co-workers won a week-long holiday to Kuala Lumpur in a radio music quiz, so I ended up toiling away on chasing up backorders for the shop. It's annoying to lose time on thesis work, but the extra bit of money at the end of the day kinda cancels that disappointment out. And as it is, I still have Thursday off, which is good since I have another meeting with Rick and am hearing another honours student explain his thesis on the Gospel of Thomas.

By some freak occurence, I'm now going to be godmother at my friend Anjuli's baby's christening. Much of it comes down to that I'm confirmed and thus meet the minimum requirement for being a Catholic godparent. However, I'm now faced with the dilemma that my inexpensive-but-still-nice gift (a gold miraculous medal that would hang over the crib with a prayer card) is probably not sufficient for my goddaughter, so it looks like I might be hunting in The Teddy Bear Shop for something of the fluffy, stuffed and adorable variety on Thursday before or after uni.

From my Amazon wishlist, I decided to buy Robert Olen Butler's 'Severance' and Cecelia Holland's 'Jerusalem' (both secondhand, because I always try and avoid retail when buying from overseas when the shipping is so freaking expensive - bought Jerusalem secondhand for 2 cents US!). The former because the concept sounds utterly fascinating, the latter because I'm having a love affair with historical fiction about the Crusades at the moment and that one in particular was highly recommended to me. I also discovered that there is now a publishing date for Robert Harris' sequel to 'Imperium'! 'Conspiracy' is due out in late October, and I can safely say it's the book that I am most looking forward to reading this year. *squee* Can't wait to see what Harris makes of Cicero's consulship and the Catiline conspiracy!

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