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Fangirling Peter O'Toole for a moment...

Saw Peter O'Toole interviewed on Jay Leno tonight.....I swear, the man's stories will never get old. I'm looking forward to the next part of his memoirs, which will apparently concern his film career (the first two books are on his childhood and his time in the navy and acting school respectively). The stories he'll have are going to be amazing and funny, I just know it! In the interview he talked about making Lawrence of Arabia, and how he and Omar Sharif were roaring drunk while filming the charge of Aqaba scene. Only it's the sort of story you really need to watch him tell, otherwise it's not as funny (the interview will probably end up on YouTube in a few days or on if anyone's that interested).

I bring up O'Toole because he's appearing in the new season of The Tudors as the Pope (he quips that it's a 'straight flush' to play the Pope, as opposed to his drinking buddy Richard Burton, who played priests and bishops but never got as far up the church hierarchy as pontiff). We've got two more episodes of series one to go here, and while it helps pass a Wednesday evening, I'm still not entirely won over by it as much as I was by Rome, where I was able to forgive the historical inaccuracies because it was still mostly right. I am still highly impressed by Sam Neill though, and another portrayal I've really come to love is Jeremy Northam as Thomas More. There's this wonderful quiet, strong dignity to his performance, and he's part of the reason I'll probably stick by the show for the new series (besides O'Toole, of course).

Also, I might be lured into watch the series two premiere on YouTube, since Showtime uploaded it there. The show won't look as attractive on a tiny screen as it does on the tv, but it's rare that we get legal access to overseas shows online here in Australia. Our tv stations have not yet done what the US networks/BBC have in the UK and made the shows available online as streaming video. :/

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