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Easter/Books/HB - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Have had wonderful, relaxing Easter. Finally hit Borders today after my Lenten ban on shopping and actually found a book in the religion section that wasn't about The Da Vinci Code (gasp!) and pertinent to my thesis: the Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature. So I picked that up, as well as a Lonely Planet guide to Japan. Yay books! About to go and potter about on Amazon and maybe take a book or two off my wish list.

Saw the trailer for S4 of Doctor Who....fingers crossed it can be as good as series three! Undecided on whether I'll be watching the first episode immediately or wait for it to screen on the ABC here....I'm so damn curious about the finale rumours that I might not be able to wait.

And after a bit of a delay (mostly due to my laziness), this week's HB recap (yeah, I know 90% of you aren't that interested, but indulge me here).

This was a good episode in a lot of ways, but the way in which Jackie left pissed me off. Charlie gets to ride off into the sunset on a motorbike to start a lucrative career in developing night clubs, and Jackie has to leave her amazing dentist boyfriend and quietly sneak off back to Australia? Argh! He went and caused all this trouble in the first place and HE gets the happy ending? Not cool! Also, Tony/Jackie is now kinda sorta dead, which is just....*sob* Not that it was really alive to begin with, but Tony will no longer have an awesome head of housekeeping to have serious chats/banter with!

But aside from my annoyance at Jackie leaving and Charlie's idiocy, I liked it. I like how they contrasted Jack's calm competence with Charlie's complete fail. I liked the little plotline with James and the 'Aussie' sommelier. And Anna and Ned are too cute together. So while I hear that people might bail out now that Max Beesley's gone, I'll keep watching the show. Provided Dexter Fletcher doesn't decide to call it quits too, of course.

So, on with the recap!

Charlie's narrating in his final episode. Tonight's theme is relaxation (or lack thereof) and what gets you through the day. Case in point: in order to relieve stress, Emily and Jackie do yoga in the staff lockerrooms.

And Ben overdoses on espressos. Which isn't how you relax, ladies and gents.

There is a big spender diamond dealer hitting the hotel for a sooper sekrit diamond auction at the hotel. Jackie (and Anna) coo at the items up for sale in the cataologue, but no one outside the staff is to be told about it. Tony mentions that he thinks there might be a robbery on the cards, but Charlie's like 'Nah!'

Jackie and Anna find flowers at reception. Anna's certain they're from Ned, but they're actually from Seb, Jackie's boyfriend. Aww! Anna is a bit disappointed, but not for long....

...because here's her own Perfect Boyfriend to make goo-goo eyes at. Ben's fed up already.

But the important thing is that Anna's not yet fed up with the grand romantic gestures. Like getting a gorgeous cocktail dress for her Friday night date with Ned.

The intro to this episode indicated that Charlie's having huge problems as manager, including falling profits. So to combat this, he decides that the wine cellar needs overhauling. James is pissed because Charlie's brought in an independent sommelier to rec some wines. However, Nadine (sporting one of the weirdest Aussie accents I've ever heard) is a smooth operator and quickly issues James with a dinner invite as an apology for the misunderstanding.

Jackie has a minor revolt on her hands when she discovers the maids haven't gotten their pay packets. She immediately gets Charlie on it.

Hutch the diamond dealer arrives at the hotel, and almost immediately starts tipping left, right and center.

Charlie is still not quite over Anna, prompting an awkward exchange in the lift.

In a mini-plotline, a group of twattish businessmen check in and make straight for the bar.

Meanwhile, James is dining with Nadine. And is already smitten by her knowledge of wine and her sexy caressing of her wine glass. And I am totally crushing on Ray Coulthard's blue eyes and lovely smile.

Jack efficiently gives Charlie an inventory of all the crises he's facing: namely, a lack of quality security for the diamond auction, the hotel bank accounts being frozen because of the bad profits and the possibility that the maids might not get their full pay packet as a result. Yes, Charlie definitely fails at life.

Meanwhile, the businessmen are getting progressively drunker at the bar and have started throwing tawdry lines at Emily and generally being a public nuisance. Jack valiantly steps in to defend her. And you heard it here first, folks: Jack/Emily has to be on the cards later in this series, or in series four if it happens IMHO. As the lead, Jack will have to have a romantic subplot with one of his attractive female co-workers, and Emily fits the bill.

Because of the lack of a pay packet, one of the maids doesn't want to go home to her abusive husband.

So we know that Charlie's having this problem with getting money. So he decides to bring an old acquaintance from his days in prison to loan him the money for the maids' pay and the auction security. And yes, this is all going to end well. As most shady deals like this do.

Emily, Anna and Gino tell Charlie about the drunk businessmen, who were not only noisy and destructive, but left no tips. Blasphemy! Emily is already plotting their demise.

Charlie interrupts an interlude in the cellar between James and Nadine to backpedal on his suggestion of a cellar overhaul. Not that I can really work on plotbunnies at the moment with a thesis to write, but I have a feeling this wouldn't be the first romantic interlude to happen in the cellar.

While the businessmen are off cavorting on the golf course, the staff plot their destruction. With the most potent alcohol they can get their hands on.

Charlie and Hutch are old mates, and as he's getting out of diamond dealing, Hutch talks a lot about starting a new life and doing something different. Anyway, Charlie decides to hang around and chill out with his friend for the evening. Like a good, responsible general manager. And we get a limited showcase of Max Beesley's musical talents.

Emily plays up to the businessmen and starts serving them cocktails made up of the really strong plonk.

Jack comes in nice and early to inform Charlie about the latest set of problems: this time, it's the rumoured robbery, the continued lack of pay for the maids and Charlie's 'mate' Terry waiting to meet him to get his loan back.

Charlie meets with Terry and promises to get him the money plus interest after the auction. However, it isn't sufficient and Terry sends one of his henchmen to wander the hotel.

So after all the really alcoholic cocktails, the businessmen are worse for wear the morning after. And they have to pay up the bill of damages, since pretty much everyone saw them trashing the bar. Thus this plotline wraps up with the staff getting their revenge!

James gets the ok for the wine order, and reveals he's going to ask Nadine out.

Terry's thug has been systematically working his way through the chambermaids and getting the loaned money. He seems to be sexually assaulting them too. *boo, hiss*

Tanya, however, refuses to let him get away unscathed, and runs off immediately to tell Jackie, who in turn promises to do something.

And while other things are going wrong, James' gorgeous Aussie sommelier is actually a British conwoman. Who's happily snogging her associate. *boo, hiss*

Jackie Clunes demands an explanation for this bullshit. That is, why this guy's assaulting her girls and taking their money.

After he explains Charlie's asshattery, he threatens Jackie as well. She locks herself in the bathroom and then prepares to put up a fight against him while he attempts to get in. Spilling the shampoo on the floor is so he'll slip up when he gets in.

So Jackie's plan works well. Too well, and thus he winds up dead on the floor. Nothing he didn't deserve, but Jackie's like 'Oshit!'

Jack knows there's something up with Nadine, despite signing her in. Is she going to have a crack at stealing the diamonds, maybe?

James is naturally still oblivious to all this. An accidental kiss doesn't help things either.

Rather than listen to James' witty anecdotes, the con artists decide to just knock him out, bind and gag him and get on with their heist.

As it turns out though, the pricey gems aren't their quarry, it's the wine cellar.

Charlie's mate wins the diamond that will end his current career and help finance his new one....and there's Jackie to make Charlie's day that bit more better.

And there's this major angsty confrontation between Charlie and Jackie where she calls him out on his stupidity.

And then James weighs in on the 'Charlie really fails at life' argument by telling him about the wine robbery and calling him out on knowing about the robbery rumours.

"Out, damned spot!" Charlie and Jackie move to erase the evidence.

And some shady contacts of Tanya's will finish off the work.

Even though they've gotten rid of all the evidence of the thug, Jackie has her son to think of and knows that she can't hang around. Nooooo!

When Charlie finds him sitting in the corridor, James gives him another bollocking about knowing the robbery was going to happen.

Unlike Charlie however, Jack had the foresight to guess about the robbery and Nadine, so he actually hid the wines and saved the day! So in conclusion: Jack wins at life, but Charlie still fails at life....

....and James is alone again (naturally).

Terry's back to get his money, though Charlie still doesn't have it and ends up being bailed out of the money problem by Hutch, who happily writes a few cheques to keep Terry quiet. Terry asks about his missing henchman too, though he leaves without pressing the matter, so obviously he won't miss him that much.

In a poignant scene, Anna waxes lyrical about how both she and Jackie have found great guys. Remembering of course that Jackie has to leave her perfect guy without any notice.

Charlie and Hutch have a chat about how miserable Charlie is in his job. And then Hutch offers him the chance to join him in developing a chain of night clubs. No stuffy manager stuff, but basically doing what Charlie's good at.

Gosh, it feels like we've hardly seen Tony this episode. He pops into this scene to dispense wisdom to Charlie re: the job offer.

Still mulling over it, Charlie tries to convince Anna to drop everything and give him another chance. Anna stills seems to have some residual feelings for him, but she also remembers what a commitment-phobe he is and tells him she's happy with Ned, who is a better long-term prospect.

And so Charlie decides to hold a surprise staff meeting. Firstly, he tells them about Jackie's 'urgent call to Australia' that's forced her to resign. You're getting Tony's reaction shot because he's the other half of the OTP. *sniffle*

Jackie leaves quietly from the staff entrance with only Tanya to farewell her. God, this sucks so much. :(

And then Charlie drops the second bombshell: he's taking up Hutch's offer and leaving too. Thus he performs the ceremonial handover of duties to Jack, the new manager....

...and gets to have a nice farewell scene with lots of hugs and a motorbike to make a splashy exit on. Bah, already looking forward to seeing what the show will be like with Jack. Charlie was the personification of fail in this episode.

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From: lillibetpip Date: March 24th, 2008 08:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey Steph,

Glad you had a great Easter. Have you received your invitation to Anjuli's baby's Baptism?
I was wondering if whether you could go/would like to share transport?

Love Lib.
normandie_m From: normandie_m Date: March 24th, 2008 10:40 am (UTC) (Link)
Haven't RSVPed for the Christening yet, though I'll do that within a few days. I was wondering about transport myself; probably would be best to, as I don't know my way around Deception Bay very well. :)
classics_lover From: classics_lover Date: March 26th, 2008 07:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Poor Charlie, got the poisoned chalice with that management job, didn't he, poor woobie. He was always a better assistant manager than general manager, IMHO, but the amount of fail in this ep was incredible.

And I know that crooks the like of Terry are all about the scary threats, but would it have been too much of a strain to wait a few hours? Or was that money on route somewhere else? :-P

I hope Tanya gets Jackie's job in the next season, she is fairly awesome herself, and learned from the best.
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