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Mina's visit went fairly well. I ended up taking her to the Warhol exhibition on Friday, which she liked. I think her English has improved since her last visit, and I think that maybe my Japanese improved too. All these bits and pieces that I'd previously forgotten came back, which was good. Mina's mother joined her on Sunday, and we took a cruise up the river to Bulimba before we drove them to the airport. They're off to Victoria now, and after that Sydney and Cairns. Even though I've done nothing about planning the trip to Japan, I have got a rough idea now of where I'd like to go. I'd start off in Tokyo, then go on to Kyoto, Kobe and possibly up to Sapporo. Mina gave me some good advice about getting around, and her mother invited me to stay at their house, which was lovely. We'll see how this pans out! Hopefully my Japanese will be much improved by the time I'm there.

The council elections were on the weekend too. I voted Labor, even though the mayoral candidate had a snowball's chance in hell of winning against Campbell Newman, the incumbent. A friend of mine works in the council (and incidentally also took a few classes with Newman at uni) and says that most of the councillors he deals with seem to be under the impression that the universe revolves around them, Liberal and Labor alike. The truth of the matter is that local politics seems like peanuts compared with state or federal politics, and I really can't bring myself to care about it. Thus I'm quite indifferent to Brisbane remaining the Last Bastion of the Liberals.

Watched the final two eps of Jekyll last night, and....I'm kind of divided. I think it might be my complete failure to be a James Nesbitt fan that makes me stop short of liking the series. And I knew he was putting in an amazing performance playing the two sides of the coin, but was still like 'meh'. :/ But it was awfully clever, and as it was Teh Moff, the writing was top-notch. It sort of reminded me of Jack Davenport's vampire drama Ultraviolet in a few places, the lighting and the whole mood of the two shows being quite similar. Not something I'd purchase on dvd though.

And finally, here's the beleated recap for HB. Cut as always for many pictures and some speculation about the next episode.

I said earlier that this episode felt a bit weak in places, and I think it was the main plotline with Tony's daughter that suffered from that. I felt that it wasn't resolved properly, which sort of bugged me. And there were probably too many storylines in this episode too, between the Tony/Liz, Gino and his brother, Anna and her mysterious doctor and Jack being up for the job. I really wish Jack had been introduced a bit earlier into the show, so we'd sort of get to know him properly before Charlie exited and he got thrown into the manager role. And not seeing the competition he was up against for the job was disappointing. Charlie putting the other candidates through the rigours could've been done in the previous episodes, no problem.

Emily talks us through the theme for the episode, which is competition. And here are a few guest stars: Mel from Doctor Who and her precocious daughter. That said, Bonnie Langford has gotten better with age. Though her outfits here are no less tragic, as we'll see.

Charlie's told Ben to look after Mel and Precocious Daughter's coats. Ben takes the opportunity to bust a move on them.

Way to spoil the plotline for Jack, guys. He's obviously NOT going to get the deputy manager job, otherwise you wouldn't have put him in the credits. ;p

James reads to Gino, Tony and a few other male staffers. Princess Scrunchie = Harry Potter, if you couldn't tell by James' storytelling or the familiar-looking book cover. And the author, which appears to be 'AJ Dowling'.

So, Tony's not getting any of the hype about Princess Scrunchie, or the auditions to be her in the stage musical and really finds the stage mom thing disturbing (and rightly so). And he has no problem telling everyone how he feels....

....until his teenage daughter Liz rocks up to audition for Princess Scrunchie....

....which everyone finds hilarious now. Tony however, is very unimpressed....

...but that doesn't stop everyone applauding when he walks in for the staff meeting.

And this is Jack, the candidate for the deputy manager position. Excuse me while I sigh at the cuteness. *sigh* Charlie talks his resume up, and he gets an awkward case of verbal diarrhaea over the course of the meeting. I personally squeed when he mentioned Aramaic. I bet he studied classics at university too, in-between all those business degrees.

In case you haven't noticed already, Anna is running late for her meeting, due to crowded London and some early morning retail therapy. Which leads to a dramatic collapse on the pavement.

And then there is this really wonderful cute doctor who randomly swoops in and makes her better. This scene sort of reminded me of the opening scene in Closer between Jude Law and Natalie Portman. Only with a bit less....impact?

Charlie gives Jack the challenge of looking after Mr Delaney, a particularly tough guest to handle. And yes, that would be Jon Culshaw playing him. Quite strange not to see him dressed up to play Tony Blair or the Fourth Doctor.

Tony is still not entirely reconciled to his daughter's fledgling singing/acting career. Or the tattoo she has, which looks really fake.

Continuing the family motif, Gino's brother Ginelli shows up hoping to get a bit of work. And played by Martin Marquez's little brother IRL to boot!

Tony's meant to be watching Liz audition, but misses out because Charlie has him get a high-ranking judge out of a painfully awkward (in every sense of the word) situation. You know, I read the book and get that you get some seriously crazy stuff going down in hotel rooms, but I'm still having a hard time buying this as something that happens. However, if anyone working in the industry wants to prove me wrong....

In other news, Ben has a boyfriend! Bless. Anna's still hung up on her mysterious knight in shining armour though.

So it's only fair that when Anna chokes on a peanut, that he swoops in again and rescues her and then runs off again. It was so stupid, but that the expelled peanut hit Charlie on the head made me laugh.

Tony finds Liz with Precocious Daughter in a smokey room. And then there's all this father/daughter stuff that basically translates to "Tony is an absent father, but he's absent because he's providing for his family and Liz is being a hardcore rebel and smoking pot."

Gino seems to be having family problems as well, as Ginelli appears to be a younger, slimmer, funnier version of his older brother that everyone loves.

Tony does manage to catch his daughter being chosen to go through to the next round of auditions, though everyone's kind of wondering why he isn't excited about it.

Jack has to read Delaney a bedtime story. From the book that Delaney wrote. And it looks far cuter than it should.

Tony's set himself to getting drunk in the bar. Drinking Ginelli's very popular cocktail. Gino is just like -_-;

Tony promises to be present for the whole audition but can't get past all the audition weirdness.

Gino finally lets loose on his frustrations about Ginelli.

Charlie and Tony's conversation about his parenting skills is juxtaposed with the basketball game going on in the cafeteria.

Also, someone's spiked the orange juice at the auditions. Because all the girls are sick/drugged except for Precocious.

Anna manages to pin down her mysterious doctor, who comes off as a really good catch.

So James and Jackie agreed to keep Gino from leaving HB by helping him to get rid of Ginelli. This is part of the elaborate plan, and damn Natalie Mendoza looks amazing. I am loving that red dress liek whoa. On a side note, there is no Tony/Jackie shippiness in this episode. And that's a shame when there's a red dress involved, woe.

You know, there should really be a permit on who can wear leather pants and who can't. Not that Bonnie Langford looks bad in them, but it's a look very few people can pull off. Oh, and Tony's just accused her daughter of spiking the orange juice to win the audition, so that's why there's some finger-pointing going on.

After a lot of drinking, Ginelli's sent to play Mussolini for a vodka launch party. Which turns out to be a Bar Mitzvah. All part of the plan!

But despite the potentially offensive situation, Ginelli still manages to charm everyone.

Though he finally gets wind of the plan after Ben inadvertantly lets it slip. Awkward!

Liz confesses to her father that she spiked the vodka, not Scarlett, after discovering Mel engaging in a bit of casting couch naughtiness with the director.

And then there's an emotional father/daughter moment for us all to 'aww' at.

After much frantic organisation, Jack manages to arrange a proper Japanese tea ceremony like Delaney wanted.

However, Delaney only describes the ceremony as ok, to which Jack is like 'Screw this!' and decides he doesn't want the deputy manager job that badly.

Ginelli's leaving, but he and Gino make up.

And Liz goes to admit her mistake and catches Mel and the director in flagrante delicto. It's doesn't seem clear whether Liz admitted what happened or not though, which I found a bit weird.

The cute doctor comes back to kiss Anna goodbye. Has she finally found someone sensible to date?

Before Ginelli leaves, he shows Gino how to make his cocktail.

Still don't know whether Liz confessed, but Scarlett has got the part. Good to see they weren't going to sugarcoat the ending by giving the role to a nice girl rather than the nasty one.

And much to his surprise, Jack got the deputy manager job! Though he's actually going to be getting a promotion after the next episode. I'm pleased about it though, they chose someone cuter, geekier and more likeable than Charlie for the job.

To end the episode on a warm and fuzzy note, Tony takes Liz out to celebrate all the birthdays he missed. And the tattoo? Fake, obviously. Tony makes the comment that tattoos don't hurt, they tickle. Which is a way of saying he might have one, perhaps?

Really looking forward to the next episode. I don't think they'll kill Charlie off, since he nearly died in the series one finale. I think he will be sacked though, and it'll be because of what happens to Jackie. Really hoping that Jackie isn't killed off though. I'll be so annoyed if she is.


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