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Was meant to go to work today. Instead I've been laid up with this… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Was meant to go to work today. Instead I've been laid up with this cold thing, living on tea and antihistamines. Didn't really sleep well last night and slept in until nine this morning (which is unheard of, unless I'm jetlagged). There's a tickle in my throat which will probably become a cough and/or a sore throat by tomorrow. Supremely annoyed about being sick, but watching the Life on Mars ep I recorded last night cheered me up a bit (we're up to episode four, was probably my favourite so far). And, watching HB also made me feel better.

Parts of this episode worked, and other parts didn't. I felt disappointed that Charlie basically screwed up another romantic relationship, and that it was done in a similar way to his fling with Rebecca (hinging on that neither he or Anna have the time to get together). The other plot involving the diet guru kind of fell flat too. It would've been better if James had just been left out of it, rather than putting him in as one of the guy's acolytes. His interactions with Gino probably would've been enough. Still, you get character development out of it, which is a good thing in any case. Really enjoyed Alan Davies in the show again, definitely one of the better guest spots and characters to come into the hotel.

So, Anna's narrating this episode. I think I'm slightly in love with Emma Pierson's voice. The theme for this episode is big events at the hotel, and she talks about how it's good if a hotel is fully booked out, and it's bad if it's not. Case in point: Tony gambling on horses because it's a slow day and he's got nothing better to do....

....and James practicing his golf swing. I picked him as more of a tennis sort of guy myself, but there you go.

Charlie and Anna are using the quiet time to make out, since they're in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship. Though mysteriously, they can't find the time for anything other than making out, it seems.

So the guest for the first subplot is a weight loss guru and his trophy girlfriend. Played by Don Gilet, aka Lance from the Runaway Bride.

The other plot concerns this big society wedding party Emily's booked. Anna's playing co-wedding planner with Emily, and as Charlie recced her for the job, she's there to thank him by talking dirty. And doesn't bank on there being a room full of men there to overhear her.

Otto makes Emily orgasm with his talk of food for the Stern wedding. I never picked Alan Davies for having a sexy voice, but he totally does in this scene.

Donald Stern, hotel tycoon and father of the bride. Also happens to be David Horton from the Vicar of Dibley!

It turns out Emily went to school with Stern's daughter and the maid of honour. Obviously some kind of posh girls' school in the vein of St Trinian's.

In order to get a floor of rooms for the wedding guests, they say that Russian diplomats were staying in the hotel. And obviously post-Litvinenko, Russian diplomats = radiation poisoning. Maybe it was just me, but I sorta found this gag in poor taste.

Because of the rich guests, Charlie's having all the staff tips pooled together (tronk? is that the word for it?) and they need to pick a staff member to do it. Tony volunteers and Jackie's shooting him down here. And she calls him 'my darling'. Which is obviously proof of their secret love for each other. In any case, Ben gets the job as the one everyone can trust with the money.

Naomi Stern's billionaire fiancee arrives and tips Emily just for introducing herself (I think this may be a throwback to the book, where a wealthy Texan guest did the same thing). I love the look on her face there, it's priceless.

Anna narrates a bit about getting guests anything for their weddings. Yada yada yada, but OMG ROCKY HORROR WEDDING FTW!

Tony thinks there's something awry about this wedding, particularly as Stern isn't tipping like the millionaire he is. So he's snooping around.

Charlie isn't impressed with the way Emily's acting more like a guest than a PR woman doing her job.

Gino wants to know how to get the girl, earn the money and 'live the life'. So Weight Loss Guru gives him a signed copy of his book.

Anna's fantasizing about being Mrs Charlie Edwards, but then Charlie shoots it down by saying he's not the marrying type. Well played, Charlie.

James confesse to being a huge fan of Weight Loss Guru, saying that he's changed his life. Why would that be?

Because James went to one of his diet boot camp things. Gino's found the pic on Weight Loss Guru's website, as well as an account of James' love for anything with cheese in it (an affliction my father's family suffers, incidentally. I put it down to being Dutch, where all the best cheeses come from.)

Naturally Gino shows this to everyone. Much LOLing and backchat ensues.

After catching him in the act of pocketting some of the tips, Otto blackmails Ben into giving him three grand from the tronk fund. *boo, hiss*

After loads of complaints, Anna goes to investigate the noisy hen's night. And finds Emily partaking in that great tradition of toilet paper bridal dresses. After soaking two elderly guests, Jackie and Anna give chase to Emily and her St Trinian's schoolmates.

When his guru looks like he's about to fall off the dieting wagon, James has to give him some of his own advice.

Jackie and Anna finally corner Emily and lock her into a room, where she promptly passes out drunk. And Jackie then admits to Anna that Charlie doesn't make for a good long-term partner.

Tanya goes to clean up a mess in a room, and discovers a hungover Emily.

Emily comes into the staff canteen and gets a standing ovation for her fall from grace.

James discovers that Weight Loss Guru, his guiding light, has decided that being fat and happy is better than skinny and miserable.

He's also dumped his golddigger girlfriend and reunited with his ex-wife and kids(?). He said he was married once earlier in the show, so I'm assuming that's his family there.

Anna gives Charlie the brush-off when he asks they can some time together. Yep, you screwed up there.

After discovering the tronk fund was missing some money, Tony calls everyone together for a meeting. He manages to get Ben to confess to taking 250 quid to help his sick grandmother, but smells a bigger rat at work.

After discovering the truth, Charlie gets a confession from Stern about his company going into liquidation, and ergo not being able to pay for the wedding.

Tony also manages to find out who has blackmailed Ben...

...so Tony proceeds to rough Otto up (and wow, Dexter Fletcher can look menacing when he wants to). And then discovers that he blew the three grand on gambling. Not that it really matters anyway though, since Charlie announces that the tronk fund will go into the hotel funds to pay for the wedding.

Because Stern can't pay for the wedding, he can't pay for the feast that Otto's dreamed up. And there's no way the posh chef's cooking boring old fish and chips for a wedding reception. So he decides to leave, and tries to talk Emily into coming. But (gasp!) she actually defends the hotel! And decides she's staying!

After which Otto takes out his anger on an innocent pot plant in the foyer before making for his car....

...which has pots and pans attached to the back of it. Ha!

So, as part of the deal Charlie did with Stern to ensure the wedding reception went ahead, he had the staff from Stern's London hotel come and take over duties for two days at Babylon. And the Babylon staff get to be guests in turn.

So the girls get massages...

....Gino gets a day off to drink the wine himself (and if he is Italian, he'll probably spend an entire afternoon at that cafe, trufax).

I giggled when I saw this, because I immediately thought of dives and her love for Dexter Fletcher's hair when I saw the maid combing her fingers through it.

James is presented with temptation personified in mac and cheese, and what does he do? He refuses it!

I love this shot. They all look like they're about to go out to dinner together as friends.

Ben's been relegated to potwashing duties as punishment for taking from the tronk, but Emily joins in.

And finally, Charlie somehow realizes that he's screwed up things with Anna.

Next week: Tony's daughter! Gino's brother! And Mel from Doctor Who, only with much less screaming. And it looks like Charlie's replacement is finally making his debut.

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classics_lover From: classics_lover Date: March 8th, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Played by Don Gilet, aka Lance from the Runaway Bride. THANK YOU! It was driving me mad why I knew his face but couldn't place him!

And it#'s not tronk, but trunk
dives From: dives Date: March 22nd, 2008 09:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am not worthy to touch The Hair

I'm really rather shocked that Emily didn't get more than a bit of gentle ribbing for hosing two paying guests while drunk. At least, like...I dunno, a very stern talking-to from Charlie who somehow, using managerial powers, finds out everything anyway. But hey, that's television.
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