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I feel a bit stuck at the moment, in limbo if you will. The last three weeks of work have left me feeling rather tired and lacking motivation to do anything with my spare time except watch tv and sleep. And this is really Not A Good Thing, because I'm supposed to be preparing to write my thesis. I'm going to e-mail Rick on Monday, but first I need to discuss when I can have rostered days off with dad so I can go to uni and actually be productive about this.

The new semester begins in a week, and for me it isn't a moment too soon. Because I tend to be a procrastinator by nature, I really need routine to keep myself on track. I've been meeting with Rick once a week over the last two semesters, and I need to resume that routine again because those meetings ensure that I work, because I need to show him that I'm progressing with the work.

Just five more days of beginning-of-semester-book-buying-madness. And then I'll finally have the energy and time to devote myself to beginning the first draft of Quo Vadis?. I can't wait.

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