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...and the writers lived happily ever after.

The WGA Strike is over!

And good on them for sticking it out until the producers finally pulled their heads in and offered them a fair deal. Yay! Already looking forward to seeing the late night hosts reuniting with their writers tomorrow night. And Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars. And more House in a month or two!

In other tv news (tv is the highlight of my life presently, you see; because work is leaving me absolutely dead at the end of the day and in need of tv's earthly delights), I've seen the first two episodes of The Tudors. And I have to say, it isn't quite as bad as I imagined. Jonathan Rhys Meyers still leaves me a bit cold as Henry, though he's very good at portraying the king's fiery temper. I'm much more impressed by Sam Neill as Wolsey, equal parts diplomat and bully; and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Catherine of Aragon. I feel like we should see more of Catherine, and I hope that she gets more screentime later in the series, even if the focus is going to be more on Henry's courtship of Anne Boleyn. I did initially think that the first series was going to be all about Henry's respective relationships with his first wife and mistress, but I'm pleased to see equal time given to the political intrigues of his reign.

Oh, and I have to say: love the score for this series. Not quite as innovative as Medieval Baebes' gorgeous singing on The Virgin Queen soundtrack, but wonderful nonetheless.

....and that's all I've got. Off to bed now, because I have yet another 8:00-5:00 day ahead of me. :/

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