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The TAFE semester has not even begun yet and already I'm fed up with beginning-of-semester rush. The part I hate most are the phones. No sooner Do I finish taking one order of books and the phone's ringing again. And it's always the same questions: "Is this the bookshop?", "I was wondering whether I could order some books from you?", and the biggest offender "You don't sell primary/high school textbooks, do you?". I think that maybe I should encourage dad to change our entry in the Yellow Pages to specify 'TAFE TEXTBOOKS ONLY', because we get hundreds of calls like that and the answer is pretty much always NO.

Oh, the perils of being a retail assistant. I wish I had the patience of Solomon for it, particularly now.

In happier news, a Japanese student that stayed with our family a few years ago (she went to Stuartholme's sister school in Japan, Obayashi) is coming to stay a few days with us in March. This bodes well, as she can probably help me a little with my own grasp of Japanese, which needs to be refreshed before I go to Japan at the end of the year. Think I might see if she feels like going to the Warhol exhibition too, since it'll still be on when she's here and it was interesting and a lot of fun.
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