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Sweeney Todd/Australia Day

Went and saw Sweeney Todd with Libby yesterday, a hugely enjoyable and bloody experience! However, I think that it makes a better stage musical than film, somehow. However, film allows more than stage and I enjoyed the visuals that Burton put together of London and the minimal use of bright colours, save for blood red.

Johnny Depp is not a perfect singer, though his acting performance was strong enough to negate that (definitely not a film he should win the Oscar for though). And once again Burton put together a very strong supporting cast with actors like Timothy Spall and Sacha Baron Cohen (who'll never be a leading man but like Spall will play all the truly interesting characters in his acting career). And as much as he's supposed to be the villain, it was very difficult not to like Alan Rickman. Particularly when he recites a line like the 'The geishas of Japan, the concubines of Siam...' one and manages to reduce me to goo.

After the film we browsed in Borders for a few minutes and I found series two of Hotel Babylon out on dvd. Rather unexpected, given that Channel Nine were supposed to be showing it over this summer (but haven't), but I'm not complaining. Of course I bought it, and will probably watch it in the remaining holidays I've got left and so I'm all ready for series three when it begins screening next month.

For Australia Day, I'm doing.....absolutely nothing. Except listening to the entire Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown and reading the newspapers. This year I voted for The White Stripes, Clare Bowditch, The Panics and Grafton Primary. And I'm quite sure that none of these will get the number one spot. It'll be that stupid Ping Pong song by Operator Please or Silverchair's 'Straight Lines'.

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