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Studying/November Japan trip/thesis

Based on the opinions given in the last post (and thanks to all three of your for your thoughts!), it would seem I am studying for the exam. I've decided to do a concise write up of all the vocab and grammar I'll need to know, like I did with the exam earlier this week.

So now that Jetstar finally have some flight scheduled in November, I've been looking into what I might pay to fly return to Osaka. And it's about $800, which is all kinds of awesome. If my flights are cheap, it means more money for more expensive things like accomodation, meals and shopping. It's such a long time away now though, it's rather difficult not to think of all the crap going on in-between now and November. My thesis is due in the week starting on the 5th of November, and that's obviously of more importance now than planning this trip is. And going to Japan is all a bit complicated when I want to write to my old Japanese teacher asking him to rec a good language school where I can do a refresher course in the language before I travel there.

I don't know how now, but I will make time for all this. After successfully conquering 12,000 words, the thesis doesn't feel as challenging a task. And having allocated word counts according to the chapters of the thesis, I'm looking at about ten essays that are on average about 2000-2500 words each. Just need to get Rick to ok the structure and I can push on.

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