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Postage woes/Greek/Doctor Who - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Postage woes/Greek/Doctor Who
dives, if you're wondering where my Christmas card to you went, it is here. Because I was a prize idiot and didn't copy out your address correctly. :( If you would still like it (no matter how late it is), let me know and I'll ensure I send it to the right address. -_-;

Did very well on Greek test today. Stumbled over plural pronouns, but did very well on everything else pretty much. Had to facepalm at a few mistakes I made, but I'm on the right track for a seven and I'm grateful for that. The final exam is next Monday (again, I hate this cramming of a semester's work into four weeks), so I may be spending the weekend studying adjectives and participles. *sigh*

Oh, and I've watched Voyage of the Damned.

No really, I thought I was watching a classic 70s disaster flick set in space. Foon = Shelley Winters. Lots of 'ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES'. Even the soundtrack struck me as a bit retro.

That said: I mostly liked it. Not RTD's best, but not crap by any stretch of the imagination.

Stuff I liked

Kylie. I suppose as an Australian I'm obliged to vouch for Our Kylie, but she was really good. She's gotten a lot of criticism for her acting skills in the past, but I felt that she was perfectly fine here. I liked Astrid, she was a lot of fun and I would've enjoyed her as a companion. I'm quite relieved that the tabloids were wrong about the Astrid = TARDIS thing, because I have a feeling RTD would have ruined it a bit. Her farewell bit was very sweet too, loved the image of Ten kissing her farewell.

David Tennant. Ten wasn't particularly shouty or emo in this episode, even if the slo-mo action sequences were a bit silly.

The supporting characters were pretty good too, considering it was a sort of stereotypical survivor story. Loved Morvin and Foon. Liked that the asshole businessman survived, especially since you wouldn't have expected him to. Loved Mr Copper (HAI ITS RICHARD FROM KEEPING UP APPEARANCES!), wonderful acting from Clive Swift right there.

Stuff I'm on the fence about

Max Capricorn. He felt like a big ol' ripoff of Davros. I was half-expecting Davros to come out of that reinforced chamber thing. Would've been kinda cool, actually. That's now two crippled evil geniuses in New Who (first being John Lumic). Iz to be Davros tiem nao?

Hosts reminded me of a number of monsters from Who in the past. The clockwork robots from GitF, the autons, the 'pilot fish' (from the last two Christmas specials), even of the Cybermen a little. There was a bit of everything there. Not the scariest monster I've seen, but I guess they served their purpose.

The new theme music. Did it really need more augmentation from Murray Gold? Because I was pretty happy with it as it was. Not that I particularly mind this new version, maybe because it seems a bit more action film-ish than the last one and that kind of suits Who in a way.

Oh, and Ten? ENOUGH WITH THE SNOGGING PEOPLE. It's in the 'on the fence' section because it was Astrid who kissed him, but still. I noticed Donna snogging him in the S4 trailer too. I don't mind the kissing so much, but it's starting to get silly. Put a curb on it, writers. Ten surely isn't that big a slutboi alien tease, is he?

Stuff I didn't like

The one bit that really got me was Ten saying to Mr Copper 'I travel alone.' I really wanted to reach into the tv (er, computer monitor *shifty look*) and slap him then. Why doesn't he just say 'I only travel with young attractive women and men, sorry!'? Yeah, I know we're setting up for Donna but GRRRARGH. That was such a bullshit line and not typical of the Doctor at all.

Also? The anvil-sized DOCTOR = CHRIST imagery. As a Christian, I don't mind if characters in books/film/tv have a messiah subtext (it's a story about heroism and triumph, after all). But RTD just lays it on so thick that all the subtlety of what he's trying to convey is lost. 'Lonely God' worked, 'The Oncoming Storm' worked. The Doctor holding his arms out like he's being crucified to be lifted into the air by angel-like bots very definitely does not work.

The silly bit at Buckingham Palace with the Queen. I suppose it's supposed to be a bit of a laugh, seeing the Queen running about in a pink fluffy robe and slippers, but eh. Just the shot of the feet running down the stairs with the corgies would've sufficed.

Other stuff that doesn't go anywhere

So, is Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred the hobo newspaper seller on earth) the ongoing plotline for S4? Damn well looks like it, since he's turning up in the Agatha Christie episode. Ooooh, what could it all mean? It's a bit different from Mr Saxon from S3, because everybody knew he was going to be the Master. Am completely in the dark about it, and I don't mind at all! 'tis good to have some mystery.

Saw both the S4 and Torchwood trailers. What I made out were a lot of Ood, some scary Roman priestesses, Ten and Donna snogging in a kitchen and Agatha Christie (very excited about that episode). I'm more excited about the Rome episode than anything else and I'll try not to be too nitpicky about it.

Torchwood? Wellll....James Marsters looks promising. Very happy that Martha's going to be there for a bit. Everything else sort of was a bit of a blur. Sincerely hoping that it improves after the disappointing first series.

And now, I'm off to watch the new Daily Show/Colbert Report. It's disappointing that they will be writer-less (will the AMPTP PLEASE pull their heads in and get back to the negotiating?!), but it's nice to have Stewart and Colbert back on tv again.

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dives From: dives Date: January 8th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sure, I'd still like it! I love getting mail. :D In theory, this year I will not totally suck and actually send out some cards myself.

I was so bummed-- I couldn't find any TVs in the dorm that were watching TDS/TCR, everyone was watching some stupid football game. :-/
normandie_m From: normandie_m Date: January 9th, 2008 02:11 am (UTC) (Link)
was so bummed-- I couldn't find any TVs in the dorm that were watching TDS/TCR, everyone was watching some stupid football game. :-/

That sucks. :/ Jon and Stephen did pretty well considering the circumstances, but you could tell they were struggling without the writers. I just hope this strike ends soon. I want the quality satire back!
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