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The wedding went quite smoothly yesterday. Much to my surprise, the rain held off for the whole day (and promptly bucketed down this afternoon), so Evelyn was able to have her photos in the cathedral grounds as originally planned. The reception also went off without a hitch, and all the guests seemed to enjoy themselves. Quite amazed that everything went off so well, considering how poorly organized I am most of the time. Must have been a fluke. ;p Anyway, it was a wonderful day and I hope that the bride and groom have a long and happy marriage.

I return to work this week, and to class. Now that my break is effectively over (even when Greek finishes in two weeks I'll have to contend with the new influx of students who need textbooks at work), I also need to be thinking a bit more about my thesis. I should probably talk to Rick this week and get him to ok the shortlist of texts that I plan on studying in the thesis chapters. I found the most difficult part of writing last semester's paper was actually getting started on it- actually opening the word file and typing (FYI, I generally don't tend to draft my essays on paper, largely because my writing can be so illegible sometimes that I myself can't read it). Thankfully the thesis is divided up into chapters and as with RID, I hope to treat the sections as essays in their own right, with later bridging to be added.

Anyway, enough of that academic talk. I have an exam to study for.
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