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Caroline, eat your heart out!

Derek Jacobi and Ian Richardson at the Sydney opening night of 'The Hollow Crown'

Derek and Ian at the premiere of their play in Sydney. A few days before this pic was taken, I was watching him onstage in Brisbane. Hurrah! How cool is that? Woo, I would've done anything to meet Derek. Then again, I'd probably lose it and faint or at least be speechless with awe if the opportunity did arise.

I was so psyched when I saw it. I mean, I was even more excited to see this than I was to see Destiny's Child in concert. I was truly acting my age that day.

And here's Donald Sinden, is it a party trick? I don't know. One of my weird observations: Donald has very impressive eyerbows. They're so patrician-looking.

Donald Sinden, Diana Rigg, Ian Richardson and Derek Jacobi at the Sydney opening night of 'The Hollow Crown'

Credit to for the pics. I go there for all my fanciable blokes. ;-)
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